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Literary club topic about ‘magical Paris tea shop’

Literary club topic about ‘magical Paris tea shop’ Literary club topic about ‘magical Paris tea shop’

A recent program for the Women’s Literary Club of Corydon centered on “Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop” by Roselle Lim.

“As I at one time gave a report on magic, this book caught my attention,” said club member Carolyn Beanblossom. “If you saw the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ well, this is on that same theme, only with magic.”

Vanessa Yu’s Chinese family is a mix of Mandarin and Hokkiem with a deluge of nosey aunties whose main priority is matchmaking. All the nieces and nephews need to be wedded, except Vanessa.

“She is not marriageable, as she is one of the clairvoyants, along with her aunt, Evelyn, of the Yu family,” Beanblossom said. “Call it magic, fortune telling, etc., it has been her curse since childhood.”

After the disaster at her cousin’s wedding, where she blurted out that Cynthia would be divorced in a year because of her husband’s infidelity, Vanessa was shipped off to her aunt’s tea shop in Paris, that exotic city of love, food and art. Also, Evelyn was to help Vanessa control her clairvoyance outbursts. Along with her accountant education, Vanessa minored in art and art history, but her greatest love is food.

“I thought of (club member) Marian (Allen) in reading this book on the food culture of Paris of which is described in detail,” Beanblossom said. “The book is about Vanessa controlling her magic, finding herself, love and her future, along with interfering aunties trying to matchmake. Also, it was interesting to learn about the large Chinese family in the United States trying to be American but stilI trying to adhere to their Chinese culture. It is not easy. I especially liked the detailed description of Paris, the art and the food of that exotic city.

“No, I do not want to go to Paris, just read about it,” she said.