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Funding sought to finish Morvin’s Landing boat dock

Funding sought to finish Morvin’s Landing boat dock Funding sought to finish Morvin’s Landing boat dock
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Larry Shickles, superintendent of the Harrison County Parks Dept., approached the commissioners at their meeting Monday evening in hopes of finishing portions of the initial Morvin’s Landing project from 2018.

He told the commissioners that the department had to make a decision to remove the floating dock that would be next to the established boat ramp, along with the lights and camera system in the parking lot area, out of the initial project scope due to permitting issues and timing problems.

However, Shickles said the department has received permitting and is prepared to move forward with the continuation of the final phases of the project. He also approached the commissioners to discuss a funding strategy.

Shickles explained that initially the parks department had about $68,000 left in its fund for the project at the time. In December of 2019, however, there was a shortfall for the Valley View Bridge project taking place that needed funds.

Shickles reminded the commissioners that there was an agreement between the two to use the funds from the Morvin’s Landing project for the Valley View project and, in return, the commissioners would return the funds when needed by the parks department for Morvin’s Landing.

Shickles asked for an additional of $68,700 coming from the riverboat line to fund this project. He also shared that this request comes in the form of a loan that the parks department will pay back over an approximate 10-year period.

The Morvin’s Landing area has a farm revenue that it produces each year, Shickles said, and that any money generated by the property, approximately $15,000 a year, can only be used on that property’s enhancements or upkeep. The line from this fund currently has about $77,000 in it. Shickles intends to use these funds each year to pay back the loan amount.

The total for the loan project, which will be discussed at a later meeting after Shickles is able to finalize pricing estimates on the lighting and electrical system in the Morvin’s Landing parking lot, could total up to $114,000.

“I just wanted to be upfront with the entire scope of the project so you will be able to envision what is coming in the next couple of years,” Shickles said.

He also told the commissioners that the reason he wanted to begin this project now is based on the price of parts and material constantly rising. He said that when the department was able to quote the price earlier this year, the aluminum needed for the boat dock was $34,000; but, as of last week, that same dock will now cost $47,000. He said the goal is to get the parts for the dock ordered by this year in order to lock in a price before they rise again.

The request for $68,700 from the riverboat line was unanimously approved by the commissioners and will be on the agenda at the next council meeting, which will be Monday at 7 p.m. at the government center in Corydon.