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Teaching Critical Race Theory helps lead to equality for all

Critical Race Theory is the basis for the Black Lives Matter movement, and I believe this isn’t taught in schools because of systematic racism.

For a long time, the part of our Declaration of Independence that says, “All men are created equal” was a joke as evidenced by some of our now-reversed Supreme Court rulings.

I believe what makes America great is overcoming those disgraces and should include women’s, Native Americans’, Asians’ and Latino Americans’ struggle for equal rights.

We are the melting pot of the world. Our ancestors came here to escape poverty and/or injustices of their native lands. People are still coming here for that same reason, so who are we to deny them?

Hopefully, one day we will be able to drop the classifications and call ourselves what we are, just plain “Americans,” and I believe teaching CRT in our schools is a way to accomplish that.

Ray Wilson | New Middletown, Ind.