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Readers offer blessings, praises to all law enforcement officers

We appreciate your sacrifices to serve and protect us, when seconds count. You are patriots we depend on to maintain peace in our society. We depend on God to inspire you and protect you in your wonderful works.

We believe God is the source of your awesome devotion and goodness. You are anointed by God to love humanity as you do. You become someone’s miracle by delivering God’s divine mercy everywhere you go.

Our appreciation of you all feeds our souls and lifts our spirits. We couldn’t survive as a society without your courage. You renew our faith in America’s goodness.

I pray for God to bless you and your families, from the top of your heads to the bottom of your feet. Blessed are the peacemakers.

Avoiding a fight is a mark of spiritual maturity and honor. A soft answer turns away wrath. To us, you have been courteous, calm and a vital part of God’s divine plan looking out for our safety. The creator of the universe blesses your kindness and compassion toward us.

Please don’t get discouraged. We love you and believe in your greatness. Thank you. You defend our freedom. Please take heart. There are millions of us who love and respect you. You are individual masterpieces.

Bless your wonderful families today and every day. We appreciate their parts in your lives more than words can say.

Cassandra and Chris Holcomb | Hardinsburg, Ind.