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November 10, 2021

November 10, 2021 November 10, 2021

• As a hairdresser, I don’t think that our families realize that, if they all get free haircuts, how are we supposed to pay our rent, our booth rent.

• Thinking of donating this Christmas season? Think of the animal shelter in Harrison County. They need so many things. They need cat dry food, wet food, dog dry, wet food; they need dog toys, dog treats, cat treats, cat toys. They need leashes. They could use blankets, rugs, anything for warm bedding. They need paper towels and bleach and disinfectant soap, garbage bags. Please donate. They really need it.

• I hear a lot of people saying, “I’d survive this virus; I’m taking my chances.” Yeah, you might survive it, but you also might carry it to someone who wouldn’t, and that is the problem.

• I was sitting here listening to the world news. Does anybody else think that shooting on that movie studio, where they were shooting that movie about a western in that church with Alec Baldwin, why would they even have live ammo on a movie set? I mean, it don’t make no sense. I think somebody ought to go to prison over this but it probably won’t happen, but why would you have live ammo where you’re shooting a movie about a western and somebody’s going to fire a gun? Somebody needs to be accountable …

• My husband and I walk the Indian Creek Trail daily. The trail provides an excellent and effective way to exercise and to experience being outdoors with nature especially during the recent pandemic. Currently, the Harrison County Parks Dept. is preparing for its Merry (Country) Christmas hayride event. I support that project but am very disappointed that the plans are to close the middle section of the trail for up to six weeks. I think a better plan can be devised so county residents can enjoy both the trail and the hayride without that much disruption. Please contact the parks department to express your opinion.

• I told you before the stupid just keeps on coming. How about that? Begging OPEC to lower their prices of barrels of oil so that we can have cheaper gas here in America. Are you kidding me? We were energy independent before we got (Joe Biden) in there.

• I received a letter this week in the mail. It was from a lady named Jo Ann Jenkins; she is with AARP. She’s one of the main heads of the AARP. She sent me three different petitions to sign and then she wanted me to enclose a love offering for the postage of everything. She had written the amounts that you could send in. … because she wanted us to contact our government men concerning a situation she was concerned about. She had wrote down what it was about: them trying to raise our taxes; them trying to cut down our Social Security, give us less. They’re going to try to raise taxes and this and that … and she wanted the people to sign and send the petitions to the three Congressmen and House of Representatives and officials that could try to help put a stop to such an action, but then it looks to me like we can’t take care of our American citizens because they’re trying to cut the Social Security and raise our taxes … But yet, we can bring in thousands upon thousands of immigrants and help them every which way. Hey, what is wrong with this picture?

• I wish companies would stop raising new hire pay. … This just causes prices to go up for those who do work.

• Kevin Russel and commissioners, I think that 25 miles an hour speed limit on our blacktop county road is ridiculous. Not everybody is that thrilled for Amazon in the neighborhood. …

• This is in regard to the (comment) in the paper about the price of gasoline (nearly) doubling since Joe Biden got in office. Well, you can thank him because he stopped the pipeline and now we have to buy our gas from Saudi Arabia …

• I just wanted to ask the person who found my hundred dollars in twenties at the post office to kindly return it. It’s my cash and times are hard, which you have no idea how hard it is for me. I lost my husband and had to bury him. I fell and had to have my arm put back together with titanium screws. I’m living day to day. I really am struggling so hard, praying to God you have mercy and give back my hundred dollars. That’s like a million to most people that are in my same boat …