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November 3, 2021

15 years ago

November 1, 2006

The lack of a new contract has many teachers in the North Harrison Community School Corp. rallying at board meetings and asking tough questions. School personnel, who are beginning their third school year without a current contract, intend to return to this month’s meeting. Personnel hope to continue to get their message out. That message, “North Harrison teachers deserve a contract,” is printed on yellow T-shirts that many of the teachers wear and on yard signs that have popped up mostly in northern Harrison County.

Not everyone believes Harrison County needs stiffer ordinances to slow the division of underdeveloped land. And some of them plan to be at the next Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission meeting to voice their objection. “Three trailers on the way to turkey hunt doesn’t constitute alarm,” said Richard Gettelfinger, who used to sell manufactured homes in Harrison County, referring to attorney Gordon Ingle’s crusade to amend the subdivision ordinance to slow development in the outlying areas. His concern was sparked by the sight of mobile homes sprouting up in fields where he used to hunt turkeys.

If absentee voting holds true to form this year, the turnout in the Nov. 7 General Election should be greater than usual. Clerk Sherry Brown, secretary of the Harrison County Election Board, said yesterday about 750 absentee votes had been cast as of Monday. That’s about double the amount of absentee voters in the Spring Primary. “I’m hearing folks say that it will be low, but if the turnout at the polls is like the absentee has been, we will have a good turnout,” Brown said. Overall, the percentage of voter turnout should go up because the poll lists have been cleared of duplicate registrations and persons who have died, Brown said.

The North Harrison Cougars made the long trip to Greensburg Friday night with hopes of pulling off an upset over the sectional host and making a serious bid for the school’s first football sectional championship. Instead, those hopes turned to mud, literally, as heavy rains turned the Greensburg field into a mud pit and the Cougars saw their season end in a 47-26 loss. “We started exactly how we wanted to,” North Harrison coach Jason Mullis said. “It’s just that they’re a good ball club and the weather conditions hurt us. We hadn’t played in this stuff all year, and they had a game against Franklin County in it. They’re a heck of a ball club, and they did a nice job.”

Deaths: Mildred Allen, 85; Ernie O. Walton, 82; Brittie D. Wright, 76; Calvin Hedges Jr., 81; Itasca Betterly; Shirley Ann Stankiewicz, 71; Hershel A. Meriwether, 81; Virginia A. Bell, 51; Maurice E. Hutson, 81.

25 years ago

November 6, 1996

Leo Durocher said nice guys finish last. Leo the Lip never met Frank O’Bannon. Now, the rest of the state of Indiana knows what folks in Harrison County have long known: Frank O’Bannon is a nice guy AND a winner. With 97 percent of the vote counted, O’Bannon had 52 percent of the vote to 47 percent for his Republican opponent for governor, Stephen Goldsmith. “I’m honored and I’m humbled.” O’Bannon told a raucous throng at the Indianapolis Convention Center, where the state Democratic Party held its victory celebration. “I accept your public trust.”

In a “roller coaster ride,” Steve Haggard edged veteran politician Kenneth Saulman in the final turn to win the Second District Commissioner’s seat with 51 percent of the vote, 6,801 to 6,490. “I figured I would be one lucky dog if I beat him,” Haggard said shortly after 1 o’clock this morning, when the last of the 34 precincts was tallied. “It was up and down, up and down. It was like a roller coaster.”

Democrats won all three seats in the county council race. As he did in the primary, Carl L. (Buck) Mathes took the lead in the six-way race and never looked back. He captured more than 22 percent of the vote to win his first county-wide race. Democrat incumbent Earl O. Saulman stayed in second place throughout the long night, finishing with almost 18-1/2 percent of the vote. Newcomer Carl B. Duley squeaked by Republican Gary L. Davis with 17.84 percent of the vote to 17.62 percent.

Crawford County sophomore Lauran Sturn admitted she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders prior to Saturday’s cross-country semistate in Bloomington. You can imagine then her joy, and relief, with an 11th-place finish that secured a berth in this Saturday’s state meet. (The top 15 runners in each race advanced along with the top five teams.) She’s the first Crawford County female cross-country runner to earn a spot in the state meet.

Deaths: Russell White Sr., 89; Joan H. Hacker, 48; Ilah Mae Messer, 85; Elmo Byrd, 74; Clyde Rainbolt, 78; Hilda Miller, 88; Mary Woodward, 80; James E. Shelton, 64; Donald V. Miller, 71; Samuel V. Dones, 72; Burrell F. Forbis, 91; LaVaughn Coleman, 82; Dr. Joseph P. Holt, 85; A. Richard Kannapel, 55; Harold C. Daum, 72.

50 years ago

November 3, 1971

In a stunning upset, the new Citizens party scored a victory last night in the town board election. This is the first victory by a bonafide third party. The new officers are: Stanley Baelz, Wilson Brandenburg, Roland Reich, Robert Cherry, Carl Saulman and Mrs. R. Darrel Rainbolt.

Mrs. Edgar (Tillie) Miles was named “Woman of the Year” Monday night by the Business and Professional Women’s Club. Mrs. Miles was in business with her husband in the Ben Franklin store here.

Kenneth Miles is the “1971 Boss of the Year.” He was given this title by the Credet Women’s International Club. Kenny is the president of the Corydon State Bank.

Gerald Baumgartle has returned to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baumgartle, having spent two years in the U.S. Navy Sea Bees.

Births: Boys — Suzanne Windell, Nora Jenkins, Sheila Mathes, Brenda Menges; girls — Charlotte Mattingly, Brenda LaHue, Donna Sutherland, Joan Wright, Carol Wise, Wanda Small, Mrs. Richard Ashton.

Deaths: Harlan Vogt; J.C. Casey; Clarence W. Patterson; Carl E. Zollman, 60; Lois Fink; Lewis E. Kopp, 86; Cretonah Walker, 84; Sandra Mitchum.

65 years ago

October 31, 1956

A dinner was held Tuesday in honor of Miss Pearl Rowe, who will be retiring Nov. 1 from the U.S. Postal Service.

Mr. and Mrs. John Harbaugh and daughters, Debbie and Sallie Ann, moved two weeks ago into their new residence along Capitol Boulevard.

For his many years of service and contribution to the poultry industry, Arvel Martin of Ramsey, on Oct. 23, was awarded a life membership in the Indiana State Poultry Association in Indianapolis. His grandson, Paul Martin, made the presentation.

Earl William Duley was injured seriously Monday when three of his fingers were cut off while operating a cut-off saw at Keller Manufacturing plant.

New residences built at Lanesville include Mr. and Mrs. Alva Gore, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ott, Mr. and Mrs. James Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Higginbotham.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. George Byrum, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Heistand, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reimold, Mr. and Mrs. Elvin House, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nall; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Evaline, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Huberts, Mr. and Mrs. George Webb.

Deaths: Merrill L. Henriott, 31; Marsha Ann Henriott, infant; William E. Melton, 69; Grafton Brown, 50; Edgar Lottich, 75; Mrs. Warford B. Mauch, 82; Mrs. Rachel Spencer, 73.

75 years ago

November 6, 1946

Robert D. Sharp has accepted the distribution for Harrison and Crawford counties of Shell Oil Co. products. His office is at his residence along Highway 62 at Greelyburg.

Kathleen Mauck will leave Nov. 15 for Chicago, where she will be a stewardess with the United Airlines. Miss Mauck was in the WAVES for three years.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Anderson; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Leon Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Brown, Mr. and Mrs. John Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Byerly, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller.

Deaths: Marian T. Watts; John W. Hannel; Mary Haas, 79.

100 years ago

November 9, 1921

Mrs. Lee B. Wolfe and Mrs. Guy Stover assisted in the county treasurer’s office during the rush of tax paying.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lotich attended the State Grange Convention at Connersville. Enroute home they visited their daughter, Mrs. D. B. Green, at Fortville and Mrs. Lotich’s uncle, Thomas Gresham, at Lapel.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crosby; girls —Mr. and Mrs. Russel Rothrock, Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie LaDuke.

Deaths: None.