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October 27, 2021

October 27, 2021 October 27, 2021

• I hope I get some comments on this, but I think anybody having a wreck or caught texting or even on their cell phone and causing a wreck, I hope they get the same penalty as a DUI driver because I don’t know how many times this summer I about had a wreck on account of somebody on their cell phone. I’m about fed up with it … We need to do something with them because why is everybody so important that they got to be on their phone driving down the road? I mean, I growed up back in the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s; we didn’t even have cell phones. There’s nobody that important that they’ve got to stay on the cell phone … So, I hope they pass a law that they get the same punishment as a DUI driver.

• I just wonder if everybody else thinks the way I do. What’s this new president doing to us? I mean, they’re saying those container ships, they can’t get them unloaded out there in the ocean. Why have we got a shortage on eggs, chicken, just stuff that comes right here from the United States? There’s no reason for that …

• What on earth is happening to America? Sixty thousand immigrants coming over to our country. We’re doing well to take care of the ones we’ve already got over here. …

• The next time I hear someone say I seen, I think I’ll scream.

• I’m calling to thank them for upgrading the signal systems on the highway. The only problem I can see is why do they have the control boxes on the wrong side of the pole? I think cars will eventually hit those control boxes, one of them is sitting out by the road, but thanks for the improvement.

• The constitution guarantees our right to vote; however, our legislature has passed laws infringing upon that right and there has been some call-ins to the Live Wire supporting those restrictions but at the same time voicing their opinion that there should be no restriction on their right to own a gun. I believe they should support the whole constitution and not just the parts that they like.

• Is our government trying to panic the American people with food shortages and product shortages that are made in America?

• They need to send the (employees) back down here who worked on the stoplights on (S.R.) 135 and change them back. It is terrible. Roads back up and traffic is a mess.

Editor’s note: As stated in the press release from the Indiana Dept. of Transportation prior to the S.R. 135 traffic signal work and as noted in a recent Live Wire editor’s note, the project is not finished; the projected completion date is December.

• You know what, they’re pushing to get these vaccine shots for the COVID and also for the flu. Well, it’s like this. You see the politicians and famous people getting their shots on TV. Well … let’s see them take the same medicine out of that bottle and give me the same vaccine as they do a politician. Then I might think it might be all right. Anybody can get a shot on TV …

• I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this way, but that movie star, (Alec) Baldwin, shot the fatal shot that killed that lady, and this here is the way I feel about that. Shouldn’t he have checked the gun himself? Because do you ever point a gun at somebody not knowing? … why would (there be) live ammunition in a gun on a movie prop anyway? Somebody ought to be responsible for that …

• I saw that Virginia Dale from Palmyra passed away this week. Virginia was the clerk-treasurer of Palmyra for a number of years. She did a great job, I think, in that position and really kept Palmyra going well. I think it would be very fitting for the town board to name the meeting room where they hold their meeting after Virginia Dale. She was a great lady, and she deserves all the honors that she can get for her very thoughtful and dutious service to the people of Palmyra and the water utility company.

• Hayswood (Nature Reserve) is a big place. You would think that the parks department could find some place to put the hayrides except so close to the trail that the trail has to be closed for more than six weeks during the holidays.