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ICT has storm shelter, thanks to Eagle Scout project

ICT has storm shelter, thanks to Eagle Scout project
ICT has storm shelter, thanks to Eagle Scout project
Matthew Moorman, center, constructed this storm shelter along the Indian Creek Trail for his Eagle Scout project. Among those who assisted were Moorman’s friend, Paul Rathgeber, and his father, Jim Moorman. Submitted photo
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Editor, [email protected]

Those who find themselves on the Indian Creek Trail when a storm arrives now can seek shelter until it passes, thanks to an Eagle Scout project.

Matthew Moorman, a senior at North Harrison High School, was looking for a project involving the trail. He talked with his uncle, Nathan Broom, a member of the ICT Committee, about projects for the trail.

“His desired project would have taken too long for my time line,” Moorman said. “So, I met with (superintendent) Larry Shickles with the (Harrison County) Parks Dept., and his first dream project was a storm shelter on the Indian Creek Trail.

“The shelter would provide a safe place for people caught in a storm while on the trail,” he said. “The idea worked in the time line and was a feasible project.”

Monetary donations from family and friends were used to purchase supplies for the shelter.

“I recruited other Boy Scouts, their families, other Eagle Scouts, family, friends and my coaches to help with the building project,” Moorman said. “I was able to have enough helpers who knew what they were doing, and we were able to build the shelter in two days.”

However, the project, from planning to building, took about four months.

“I think we might have had too many helpers at some points in the build process,” Moorman said, “and me not having experience in building structures.”

While constructing the shelter, Moorman said people using the Indian Creek Trail would ask what he and his group were doing.

“They thought it was a great idea and thanked us,” he said.

Moorman, who joined Scouts 11 years ago because he “thought it was interesting,” is a member of Troop 4071. Born in Louisville in 2003, he and his family —parents Jim and Julie and sister Vicki — moved to Crandall in 2014.

It is estimated that only about 4% of all Scouts ever achieve the rank of Eagle. Moorman joins an elite group that includes motion picture director Steven Spielberg, former CIA director Robert M. Gates, retired astronaut James A. Lovell Jr. and the late Indiana governor, Frank L. O’Bannon.

Besides Scouting, Moorman participates on his high school’s soccer, swim and track teams.

Moorman expressed appreciation to Shickles and Cory Howard, the parks department’s director of operations, for allowing him to complete his project.

“And thanks to my dad for all his help,” he said. “Thanks to my various Scout leaders over the years for helping me on my path and helping me become who I am today.”