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Children’s futures depend on ridding country of lies, hate

How dare Mitch McConnell, other Republicans or any other person who calls themselves a “leader” play around with our fragile democracy. Are they trying to ensure that our government fails?

They know the debt ceiling needs to be raised due to the $7.8 trillion incurred during Trump’s time in office, which makes the majority of all who oppose the debt ceiling fiscal hypocrites. The nerve of them to say that the Democrats have to solve the problem that they made, without their help of finding a solution. So much for their little slogan, “Republicans have the solutions.”

Is McConnell doing this to spite Trump so that Trump will go down in the history books of not only having six bankruptcies that he declared, but that he also bankrupted our whole country on top of that? And the other Republicans are going along with that, including Todd Young? I hope not. Are they really willing to risk our livelihood for their petty politics?

Listen, and listen hard, all we want is to clothe our families, shelter our families, feed our families and keep them safe and warm. It’s simple. All of you, who are playing around, as if we are amused by it, just stop it. What are you, a bunch of little kids, in suits and ties, or nice clothing, always blaming the other “little kid” that it’s their fault? It seems like you have a game going, just to oppose each other, just for the sake of opposing.

Listen, I’m not a Harvard or Yale graduate, but even I know that is no way to run a thriving country. Perhaps that’s your idea of entertainment and amuses you to play around and act this way. Let it be known, we are not amused or entertained by this foolishness. I, for one, am tired of the tension, the threats, the division, the bickering, the hate and I will join my other citizens that want our community, our state and our country to come together and make our country what was envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Let us all reach for the greater good that resides within us so that good can and will inspire us to dream those dreams of prosperity for all and a future worth striving for. We are a good people, and we can help each other to rid the muck of lies, deception and darkness of hate. We can do this for the sake of our children and their future. They are depending on us. They deserve it. America depends on us.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind.