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Winners named in Heritage tractor pulls

The Lanesville Heritage Weekend committee posted the results of the tractor and truck pulls from this year’s event as follows:

Sept. 9

Tractor 4,000 pounds, 4 mph — Drew Witten, first; Mike Wills, runner-up

Tractor 4,500 pounds, 4 mph — James McConnell, first; Logan Schoen, runner-up

Tractor 5,000 pounds, 4 mph — Juder Smith, first; Logan Yount, runner-up

Tractor 5,500 pounds, 4 mph -— Leonard Yount, first; Vic Williams, runner-up

Tractor 5,500 pounds, 6 mph —  Leonard Yount, first; Dickey Garmon, runner-up

Tractor 6,500 pounds, 6 mph —  Reuben Yount, first; Tom Arvin, runner-up

Tractor 6,000 pounds, KOH — Dickey Garmon, first; Jarrett Batliner, runner-up

Tractor 12,000 pounds, 3 mph — Randy Wolfe Sr., first; Randy Wolfe Jr., runner-up

Sept. 10

Truck 6,200 Super Stock — Dennis Alexander, first; Steve Newton, runner-up

Sept. 11 morning exhibitors

Tractor 3,600 pounds — Nicholas Blackman, first

Tractor 4,500 pounds — Ellie Schneider, first; Chris Lewis, runner-up

Tractor 5,500 pounds — Curtis Brown, first; Ethan Silverthorn, runner-up

Tractor 7,000 pounds — Justin Blackman, first; Edward Snead, runner-up

Sept. 11

Tractor 13,000 pounds Farm Stock — Jason Wehr, first; Goose Graves, runner-up

Truck 8,500 Street Diesel — Daniel Starr, first; Damon Trueblood, runner-up