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Plan commission issues 76 permits

Plan commission issues 76 permits Plan commission issues 76 permits

Seventy-six building permits were issued in August, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, 22 were for single-family houses, to David R. and Tamara Morgan in Jackson Township, Colt D. and Susan Becht in Harrison Township, Cole Duffy in Morgan Township, Jeffery and Ashley Durham in Franklin Township, Morman Southard LLC in Franklin Township, Amanda and Blake Boughy in Posey Township, Steve Thieneman Builders in Jackson Township (three), Corey A. and Angela Frazier in Franklin Township, Beau Reeder in Harrison Township, David Kaufer in Blue River Township, Dixie Spinks in Jackson Township, Infinity Homes & Development in Harrison Township (three), Dale and Debra Satterfield in Boone Township, Joshua and Jessica Nicole Blackman in Franklin Township, Kyle and Megan Pease in Spencer Township, Rafael Rodriguez in Boone Township, Rodney and Amanda Green in Franklin Township and Kenneth H. Englert and Mark A. Englert in Morgan Township.

Two permits were issued for modular homes, to Christopher Mauck in Blue River Township and Stephen and Alissa Webb in Jackson Township.

Other permits issued were for six additions, three alterations, one carport, one commercial building, three decks, 21 electricals, seven garages and nine storage buildings as follows:

Addition — Adam and Carrie Belden, Franklin; Daniel and Deborah Wagner, Franklin; Kevin Book, Morgan; Claire and Dylan Ellis, Franklin; Nikola Alford, Harrison; William Jr. and Sally Watts, Morgan.

Alterations — Adam and Carrie Belden, Franklin; Newcomb Oil Co., Harrison; Chiefbinvestments LLC, Morgan.

Carport — Fred Satterfield, Jackson.

Commercial — Curt Rafferty, Town of Corydon.

Decks — Trustee Pfrimmer’s Chapel, Franklin; Barbara and Daniel Smith, Heth; Alan and Laura Smith, Washington.

Electrical — Shawna M. Voyles, Taylor; Town of Corydon, Heth and Town of Corydon (two); Robert Barmore, Harrison; Lee and Dawn Brown, Town of Corydon; Jonathan S. and Micah M. Baumann, Franklin; Brenda and Martin Kemp, Morgan; David and Nancy Snyder, Boone; Austin Bary, Spencer; Thomas and Mary Sparks, Boone; Kevin Book, Morgan; Glenn Beach, Morgan; Allison Shake, Harrison; Larry Toops, Town of Corydon; David and Stephanie Riggle, Franklin; John Reas, Harrison; Brent McKim, Jackson; Edna Spencer, Posey; Spectrum, Franklin; James Wenning, Blue River.

Garages — William Green, Jackson; Timothy J. Schmelz and Melissa A. Lyon, Jackson; Jimmie D. and Michele Broyles, Posey; Jennifer Welch, Harrison; Dustin Smith, Harrison; Leigh Ann Metcalf, Boone; Chase and Dana Scott, Spencer.

Storage — D.J. Kaufer, Blue River; Mike Hoehn, Webster; Dixie Spinks, Jackson; Sarah and Kevin Winstead, Franklin; Jessica Dymond, Heth; Christopher Kincade, Boone; Rick and Janet Sillings, Spencer; Russell Mosier, Harrison; Kenneth H. Englert and Mark A. Englert, Morgan.