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October 20, 2021

15 years ago

October 18, 2006

Those who chose to attend Corydon’s Unsavory Past were spooked last weekend but also educated about a few “unsavory” aspects of Corydon’s history. The walking tour included stops at a whipping post, the site of a murder and an old-fashioned wake. Overall, most participants enjoyed the event, which was new this year. Those who attended gathered at the Hurley D. Conrad Memorial Bandstand. From there, they went to the Historic State Capitol. Behind the building, participants heard about the whipping post that was once used.

One of the few automotive parts plants operating at full speed across the country these days, ICON Metal Forming Plant in Corydon is running three shifts daily and expanding to the tune of $6.1 million. The Harrison County Council gave the go-ahead to that news last week with a 10-year declining property tax abatement. “Things are going well,” said Sean Callahan, general manager at ICON since December. “Our company is growing. We’re adding jobs here, we’re seeking diversity.” To that end, Martinrea, ICON’s parent company, plans to add $6.1 million in new equipment at the Corydon plant, formerly known as Lobdell Emery and later, Oxford Automotive.

The Crawford County girls’ cross-country team placed second at the Eastern regional Saturday morning, qualifying the team for Saturday’s semi-state in Bloomington. North Harrison’s Amber Gresham and Tyler Byrne and Corydon Central’s Harrison Mann also qualified for the semi-state meet. With temperatures in the mid-40s with a slight breeze, the Crawford County girls’ team was a slight favorite for the championship.

Deaths: Jeremy S. Asher, 30; Michael E. Wilson, 51; Anna L. Kintner, 91; James W. Beatty, 79; Flora M. Holmes, 74; Preston J. Keith, 80; Harry Smith Jr., 86; Robert P. Bledsoe Sr., 80; Phyllis A. Crandall, 72; Nellie M. Free, 77; Frances E. Tower, 88; Kathy M. Huber, 50; Helen M. Royalty, 65; Norman W. Love, 72; Lovell L. Roberson, 77; Lisa J. Redden, 40.

25 years ago

October 23, 1996

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will conduct a public hearing tonight on Caesars World’s request for a mooring area on the Ohio River at Bridgeport. Caesars World, which has been granted a preliminary gaming license, has requested the mooring area from mile 616.8 to mile 617.4. It needs a Dept. of Army permit to work in a navigable body of water, as well as permission, as required under the Clean Water Act, to discharge dredged material into the river. Geri Cozine, a Corps spokesperson, said people at the meeting will be asked to register, which will provide them with a mailing list so interested people can receive updates.

What a difference two years makes. In 1994, when the nation was almost hostile to members of Congress and Democrats took their worst beating ever in Indiana, Ninth District Congressman Lee Hamilton was locked in the closest race of his political life against Jean Leising, a Republican state senator from Franklin County. Leising had jumped on the Newt Gingrich-inspired “Contract with America” bandwagon and came within 7,000 votes of defeating the steady and respected 15-term Democratic Congressman.

For the Corydon Central Marching Band and the North Harrison Marching Cougars, it was one of those days when things went wrong. “You can plan, plan, plan, plan, and it’s just one of those days,” explained Vanguard director Ben Hayes. At the Indiana State School Marching Association regional contest Saturday at Bedford North Lawrence, a tuba player fell over backward; a bass player fell down on a wooden “hill” the Vanguard uses in the show; the smoke from a prop failed to get off the ground due to strong wind; and, a large banner was not displayed at the correct time.

Floyd Central’s cross-country teams were runaway winners in Saturday’s Eastern Sectional. The Highlanders collected just 22 points to outdistance themselves from runner-up North Harrison by 60. In the girls’ race, meanwhile, the Lady Highlanders prevailed by 33 points over North. “We made our goal, which was to get out,” said North Harrison coach Keith Oppel, whose teams advance to this Saturday’s Madison Regional along with both Corydon Central teams and individual runners from Crawford County and Lanesville.

Deaths: Fern V. Lowe, 81; W. Lamar Jacobs, 76; Carl C. Boone; Rebecca A. Keith, 95; Jesse Mott, 89; Willard E. House, 90.

50 years ago

October 20, 1971

Mrs. Wilma Herthel of New Salisbury was recently elected president of the Indiana Meat Packers Association. She is the first woman to ever fill the post. She has served as president of the Wenning Packing Co. since 1947.

Palmyra Postmaster Arvil Weibaker received the coveted “Order of the Vest” at the National Association of Postmasters Convention in Anaheim, Calif., recently for his dedication and action in the development of Air Postal Service.

Thirty-one churches were represented Sunday at the 100th anniversary of New Salisbury United Methodist Church.

Merchants are required to have a list of ceiling prices available for public inspection in the establishments.

Births: Boys -— Michael and Janice Eastburn, Darrell and Rosetta Parker, Robert and Betty Howsen, Lester and Marilyn Toler, Curtis and Vicky Pearl, Darrell and Julia Smith, Philip and Arla Myrick; girls — Robert and Thelma Crosier, Richard and Janet Allison, James and Sandra LaDuke.

Deaths: Sherman Byrne, 71; Mervyn T. Byrne, 63; Elmer Von Allmen, 78; Arthur Hendricks, 91; Augustus Carter, 77; Robert Decker, 76; Martha Ellen Flock, 88; Ella Engleman, 90.

65 years ago

October 17, 1956

The Rev. Carl V. McMillan has accepted a call to become pastor of Michigan Street Methodist Church in Indianapolis.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hardsaw have sold their home in the Ashton Addition to Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Royse. Mr. and Mrs. Hardsaw and daughter, Judith, will move into the home of Miss Louise Bottorff on East Walnut Street.

Six of the 18 charter members of Hoosier Elm Chapter DAR were honored Monday night. They are Mary Jane Griffin, Mrs. E.G. Keller, Miss Olive Griffin, Mrs. Will Bulleit, Mrs. William C. Adams and Mrs. Sam P. Vogt.

The “Dollars for Democrats” Drive, launched on a national and local level, has been a tremendous success. Doorbell ringers found that many people were eager to contribute one dollar to the party but not much in a larger sum.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Quebbeman, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Batman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ritchie, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Kitterman, Mr. and Mrs. David Bucy; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Crecelius, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rusk, Mr. and Mrs. Beve Sizemore.

Deaths: John Samuel Gilmet, 40; Clifford Moye Jr., 28; John Lester Thornton, 24; Frank Allen, 64; Mary Ellen Foster, 19; Harold H. Jenkins, 57; Samuel Bottles, 67; Ben Shireman, 68; Mary Jane Tucker, 76; Mrs. Wilson Roberts, 50; Andy J. Schneider; Azro Johnson, 71; John V. Magnabosco, 49; Mildred Massey, 60; Esther Lord, 41; Anna Kahl, 76.

75 years ago

October 23, 1946

More than 700 persons jammed the Boley-Reed Motor Co. in Corydon last Thursday night to view the new 1947 Kaiser Special on display there.

The Rev. and Mrs. William Brandenburg of Princeton and his sister, Mrs. Laura Gibson of Leavenworth, visited their brother, Jesse Brandenburg, of Corydon. Jesse has been suffering from an injured hand.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troyer; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Francis Odegard, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Brown.

Deaths: Elmer Shuck, 76; Jacob Schneider; Alonzo Blackman, 80; Grover Sears, 54.

100 years ago

October 26, 1921

Mrs. Mary Deaton and daughter, Mabel, of Ramsey spent last Sunday with Herbert Huff and family of Palmyra.

Mr. and Mrs. James Shields and family, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Shields of Boone Township and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Watson and family of Heth Township visited Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Watson and family of near Central on Sunday.

Births: Boys —none; twin boys — Mr. and Mrs. Edward Start; girl — Mr. and Mrs. J. Lucien Morris.

Deaths: Miss Sarah McGinnis; Mrs. Sammie Davis, 53; Mary Catherine Moore, 4.