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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Dehler Edward Wenning, 59, Corydon, son of Torrence O. Wenning and Naomi Wenning, both deceased; Lisa Rose Leigh Brown, 63, Corydon, daughter of Melvin Frederick and Edna Frederick, both deceased.

Kenneth Ray Watson, 29, New Salisbury, son of Billy J. and Rhonda M. Reynolds Watson, Palmyra; Angelica Star Case, 26, New Albany, daughter of Rick Case, deceased, and Ruth A. Barnes Case, New Albany.

Gregory Dakota Carver, 27, Corydon, son of Jeffery W. and Heather D. Davis Carver, Corydon; Amanda Lynn Hartley, 29, Corydon, daughter of Robert W. and Shari Foreman Hartley, Palmyra.

Jason Everett Terry, 46, Elizabeth, son of Maurice E. Terry, Elizabeth, and Lillie D. Toler Terry, deceased; Denise Renee Skaggs, 36, Elizabeth, daughter of James H. and Jo A. Archibald Skaggs, Corydon.

Michael Fenwick, 41, Palmyra, son of Michael Fenwick, Manhattan, Kan., and Vickie Caldwell, Radcliff, Ky.; Kirstin Reneau, 30, Palmyra, daughter of John and Alicia Bennett Reneau, Elizabethtown, Ky.

William Phelps-Tuttle, 29, Lanesville, son of David Tuttle, Sellersburg, and Penny Lange, Lanesville; Morgan Blankenburg, 28, Lanesville, daughter of Tomas and Peggy Blankenburg, Charlestown.

Jarred Monroe Gerdon, 22, Laconia, son of Dale L. Jr. and Tonya M. Demaree Gerdon, Laconia; Destiny Nichole Swift, 22, Laconia, daughter of Clifton R. and Tera L. Embry Swift, New Albany.

Michael Lee Ruelas, 19, Lanesville, son of Richard A. Ruelas, no address given, and Julia K. Dudley, Lanesville; Makayla Shai Medley, 18, Lanesville, daughter of Dennis L. Medley, no address given, and Lacy M. Wheatley, Georgetown.

Thomas Blaine Wiseman, 25, Corydon, son of Michael B. and Jennifer L. Wiseman, Corydon; Kaitlyn Brooke Ramser, 25, Sellersburg, daughter of William L. and Carla J. Ramser, Sellersburg.

Zachary Overton, 27, Elizabeth, son of Alfred Overton and Dana Presley Overton, both deceased; Chelsea Deel, 29, Elizabeth, daughter of Carter Deel and Deanna Deel, no addresses given.

Derek Kaiser, 35, Laconia, son of Larry Kaiser and Janet T. Faith Kaiser, no addresses given; Brittney Ash, 33, Laconia, daughter of Doug Ash and Misty Sturgill Hendry, no addresses given.

Joshua Allen Zimmerman, 31, Brandenburg, Ky., son of Gene A. Zimmerman, Mooresville, and Tammy Stone, Brandenburg, Ky.; Morgan Bailey Marshall, 21, Brandenburg, Ky., daughter of James K. Marshall, New Haven, Ky., and Scarlet E. Reed, Coxs Creek, Ky.

Jason Evans Poe, 46, Elizabeth, son of Edgar R. and Susan M. Evans Poe, Elizabeth; Evelyn Lou Anne Nally, 47, Elizabeth, daughter of William L. Nally, deceased, and Sherrill A. Knowles Nally, Locust Grove, Ky.

Bradley Alan Hertle, 21, Depauw, son of Randy Hertle and Sharon K. Eckart Howard, both of Elizabeth; Elexis Kay Stroud, 19, Depauw, daughter of Chad E. Stroud, English, and Storie D. Lane, Laconia.