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Champs’ corner

Champs’ corner Champs’ corner

Members of the Harrison County Tae Kwon Do School in Lanesville recently competed in the 74th Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwon Association tournament at the old Crawford County Middle School in Marengo with approximately 100 competitors. Pictured, from left, front row (and their placing at the tournament) are Allie Clark (second in sparring and form), Abby Lloyd, Masyn Sonner and Ella Ordner (first in form and third in sparring); back row, Timothy Lloyd, Kylie Johnson (second in sparring and form), Stephen (Mike) Bozeman, Master Rick Haines, Brooke Fisher (third in sparring and form), Christina Ordner (first in sparring and form), Nolan Gobbitt and Ray Stanton (first in sparring, second in form and grand champion, a first for the Harrison County Tae Kwon Do School). For more information about the Harrison County Tae Kwon Do School, visit its website,, or call 812-736-3267.