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October 13, 2021

October 13, 2021 October 13, 2021

• I find it very disheartening that the (Harrison County) Parks board has decided to close (part of) Indian Creek Trail again this year for their (Merry Country Christmas) hayrides. I find it very disappointing that the parks board thinks so little of the residents of this community, the taxpayers of this community, that they don’t allow the people to continue to enjoy the trail but, instead, they want to close it …

• The Corydon rail depot downtown is looking a bit abandoned and overgrown. I believe it’s owned by Lucas Rail Line and, if anyone from Lucas is reading, it would be wonderful to see some landscaping work done this fall to clean up the depot in time for winter.

• I want to thank the person who found my purse and took it to the Walmart service desk. Thank you.

• As a (resident) of Lanesville, we have attended every Heritage festival. The rides this year were very poor and (some) rides were not used. There should not have been any game of chance allowed on the grounds at all. It was never allowed before, so why now?

• Harold Wilson’s letter said it was deplorable that it’s easier to buy and carry a gun than vote. Everyone who has actually bought a gun knows this simply isn’t so. Heck, in liberal states like California they just mail ballots to everyone on file no matter if you’ve moved or died or whatever. Where are the states that mail guns to everyone? Please tell me. I want to move there.

• I was wondering something. I watch the news all week. Channel 3, 11, 32, 41. This is one thing I can’t figure out. How’s these kids getting guns in the schools because you’d think their parents would check them before they left their homes? I mean, if I wanted to keep my kids safe, I’d make sure I checked them, which all of mine’s growed up now … And another thing, why do these kids nowadays all have to carry a backpack? I mean, we didn’t. I graduated in 1978 … It’s just like all these schools, even here in Harrison County, they’ve got to have an officer that goes in the school now. But the thing of it is, it’s the parents. I mean, if … Dad and Mom even thought I had a knife on me, they would’ve, well, for one thing I’d have gotten … whipped before I ever left the school or the house …

• I just wanted to call and thank Harold Wilson for his letter, which was an excellent letter that’s relevant. And, if anyone hasn’t read it, I encourage you to go back and read the letter to the editor in last week’s Corydon Democrat. There is a lot of truth and something we should all consider.

• Repair Affair built a ramp for my husband, and I just want to give them praise for the wonderful job that they did and how handy it is. How wonderful it is that he can go up and down now without having to use steps. We had a wonderful crew that came and did it, and I want to give them thanks and praise. Thank you.

• This is in reference to the missing teen and his dog who sadly were found deceased. The Corydon Democrat (reported a) business owner provided footage from a security camera that showed someone and a dog possibly that were walking on I-64. This was such a surprise to me since there are no businesses actually on I-64. Is someone able to provide me how far a security camera can actually reach? I  think it would be nice if every one of us could have one for our own security.

• I think it’s awful funny whenever this virus first started out we signed papers at work that it was our choice not to get the shot. Now all of a sudden, it’s not our choice? It should be everyone’s choice what goes in their body. …