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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Micheal Deven Corbin, 21, Corydon, son of Alfred W. Corbin, no address given, and Michelle J. Hendrickson, deceased; Brianna Marie Day, 23, Brandenburg, Ky., daughter of Theodore W. Day Sr. and Gail M. Hisel Day, both of Sonora, Ky.

Alexander Hochadel, 23, Lanesville, son of Joseph Hochadel, no address given, and Shannon L. Nunn Hochadel, Lanesville; Cheyenne Hammill, 28, Lanesville, daughter of Michael Hammill, Old Town, Fla., and Kathyrn Whitt Hammill, deceased.

Robert Andrew McKim, 35, Palmyra, son of Robert A. McKim and Tracy L. Cadenhead, both of Corydon; Paula Michelle McKim, 38, New Albany, daughter of Paul L. Yates, deceased, and Linda A. Herman Yates, New Albany.

Nicholas Falardo, 32, Laconia, son of Rhea Combs, no address given; Christine Thompson, 26, Corydon, daughter of Jerry Thompson, Laconia, and Angel Wolfe, Corydon.

Thomas Michael Timberlake, 50, Elizabeth, son of Michael Timberlake, deceased, and Rita Curts Neff, no address given; Misty Ann Robson, 46, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert D. Robson, Corydon, and Peggy J. Foreman, deceased.

Luis Antonio Beauchamp, 56, Depauw, son of Luis Beauchamp, deceased, and Rosa Garcia, Bronx, N.Y.; Rebecca Lou Autry, 51, Depauw, daughter of Charles K. Collard, deceased, and Betty L. Collard, Depauw.

David Lock, 27, Lanesville, son of Edwin Sturgeon, deceased, and Charla Lock, Clarksville; Katie Melcher, 25, Lanesville, daughter of Carl and Carol Ruth Melcher, New Albany.

Joseph Garrett, 20, Corydon, son of David Garrett and Julia Garrett, no addresses given; Kourtlyn Frankenberry, 20, Hebron, Ky., daughter of David Frankenberry and Lorinda Frankenberry, no addresses given.

Johnathan Hanlin, 25, Corydon, son of Douglas Hanlin and Paula Hanlin, no addresses given; Rachel Blumenstock, 26, Corydon, daughter of Troy Blumenstock and Kimberly Blumenstock, no addresses given.

Ray Edward Tuley Jr., 39, Elizabeth, son of Ray E. and Sharon L. Jeffries Tuley, Elizabeth; Evelyn Mae Swift, 39, Elizabeth, daughter of Leroy Swift Jr., deceased, and Rosemary A. Gallagher Sherrod, New Albany.

Jason Kenneth Birkla, 46, Corydon, son of Kenneth J. Birkla, deceased, and Janice M. Weaver, Leavenworth; Michele Lynn Whittaker, 47, Depauw, daughter of Clyde Whittaker, deceased, and Laverne A. Whittaker, Depauw.

Andrew J. Speer, 32, Corydon, son of Andy Speer and Darla Hunphreys, no addresses given; Danielle L. Walker, 27, Corydon, daughter of James Walker and Sandra Kaiser, no addresses given.

Kyle Thomas Hash, 30, Lanesville, son of Ronald Hash, deceased, and Brenda Brennan Hash, Hardinsburg; Heather Paige Uhl, 28, Lanesville, daughter of Michael and Brenda Dowdle Uhl, Corydon.

David Dewayne Hardin Jr., 20, Elizabeth, son of David D. Hardin Sr., deceased, and Cora E. Laswell Brown, New Salisbury; Jennifer Nicole Crawhorn, 29, Elizabeth; daughter of Carlo Martino, no address given, and Anita Mitchell Chumley, Elizabeth.

Aryan Hubbard, 21, Corydon, son of John Hubbard and Jennifer Hubbard, no addresses given; Elizabeth Bierman, 22, Greenville, daughter of Brent Bierman, New Salisbury, and Lashea Hutchings, deceased.

Brandon James Ford, 26, Elizabeth, son of Paul S. Ford, Corydon, and Ann P. Kane Hutchinson, Lake Ozark, Mo.; Sierra Dawn Goode, 25, Elizabeth, daughter of Joshua M. Goode and Amanda R. McGill, no addresses given.