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HCCF capsulizes items for 2046

HCCF capsulizes items for 2046
HCCF capsulizes items for 2046
Juan and Rudee Rodriguez look over time capsule items during Thursday’s ceremony at the Harrison County Community Foundation. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Ground-breaking news and events happened 25 years ago around the globe: eBay started an online auction website, Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned and “Twister” premiered in movie theaters.

In Harrison County, a ground-breaking event also was occurring in 1996: the start of the Harrison County Community Foundation. And on Thursday, the Foundation commemorated those 25 years by installing a time capsule to be opened in 2046.

Many community leaders were in attendance and participated in placing unique items from the county and present-day historical memorabilia in the capsule, which is set to be buried at the Foundation in the coming weeks.

“Anniversaries are an opportunity to reflect on history, reminisce about important milestones, to count our blessings and to look forward to the future,” shared Julie Moorman, president and CEO of the HCCF, in her opening message to the those who gathered for the occasion.

Moorman also shared the history of the Foundation, which began in 1996, when then-county commissioners Kenny Saulman, Terry Miller and Ed Emily appointed the founding board of directors for the Foundation.

With an initial donation of $5 million from Caesars Southern Indiana, the Foundation has grown to more than $280 million in assets with 300-plus endowments. The grants and scholarships awarded since inception total more than $106 million.

“Our legacy of giving includes scholarships, grant making, nonprofit sustainability, large-scale community projects, providing a way for donors to support their favorite causes and so much more,” Moorman said.

Items such as the Foundation’s 2020 annual report, a county map, photos, a copy of the recent Corydon Democrat newspaper and a letter from Moorman to the future CEO were placed in the capsule and will share with those who open it one day what life in Harrison County was like in 2021.

“We can’t ignore the strange circumstance of living amidst a worldwide pandemic,” shared Grant Gallander, a current board of director who represents Caesars Southern Indiana, as he placed an article about COVID-19 and a face mask into the capsule. “This recent article from the Center of Disease Control about COVID and a mask will hopefully be obsolete in the future.”

Saulman placed a commemorative art piece from Zimmerman Art Glass, sharing that he was so pleased to see how the Foundation has developed through the years and was honored to deposit an item.

Rudee Rodriguez, a founding HCCF board of directors’ member, also placed a piece of art she created in the capsule. The fiber art was a combination of 20 different wedges placed beside one another to represent various aspects of the county.

“The pieces are bound together with a verdant green silk symbolizing thriving growth,” Rodriguez said before placing the art in the capsule. “A legend which explains the meaning behind each wedge accompanies the art.”

Other items like a graduation tassel from South Central Junior-Senior High School, a list of 300 different endowment funds that have been established because of the Foundation, a copy of Southern Indiana Living magazine, a library book, a wooden gavel and a blank check to the future Foundation to represent endless possibilities were all placed in the time capsule during the presentation as well.

“As we move forward, in the words of Christian Larson from ‘The Optimist Creed,’ I hope we can all promise to ‘think only of the best, work only for the best and expect only the best for the future’,” Moorman said in her closing statement.