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October 6, 2021

October 6, 2021 October 6, 2021

• I have a question. Is it true that Amazon is going to be coming to the Lanesville exit to employ over 200 and some people to work there? Rumors are going around saying they are going to be there, but nobody wants to talk about it. My opinion: I hope they do not come because that intersection will be so busy and more houses will go on up in this area and our schools will be totally overcrowded. So, I’m hoping Amazon will stay away.

Editor’s note: A non-disclosure agreement was signed regarding the property near the Interstate 64 Lanesville interchange. Information regarding what business is planned for the property cannot be released until the developers are ready.

• I feel it’s pretty sad when I get Amber alerts from everywhere else in the state but my own county. I didn’t even know that a 14-year-old boy and his dog had disappeared until I got it by word of mouth. And what’s also pathetic is he was overlooked, and, yet, I continually get alerts from the health department regarding COVID-19. …

Editor’s note: The U.S. Dept. of Justice has criteria that must be followed in order to issue an Amber Alert, including requiring “law enforcement to confirm an abduction prior to issuing an alert.”

• Please, I beg you. If you see or suspect animal abuse, please report it to the authorities. You have to be the voices of these animals. People don’t need animals if they aren’t going to care for them properly. Please, always report animal abuse.

• I live in Harrison County in a senior living place … I have a support dog and is registered by the federal government. They called Harrison County Animal Control to take my dog then they wanted to kick me out. This is against federal law. I’m in my 70s and in a wheelchair since 2005. Discrimination and harassment run rampant in this place. It’s supposed to be HUD controlled and should not hate people. …

• Every spring and fall when the weather gets beautiful like it has been for the last few days, we got bicyclists, which I don’t have nothing against them; they say they got the same rights as a vehicle on the road, which I don’t think that’s right. They ought to make them pay some kind of road tax or something. But anyway, this is my point: They travel Lickford Bridge Road all the way down to New Amsterdam. It’s a dangerous road to begin with. And you pop over a hill and you’ve got a bicyclist … but then they get at the end of Lickford Bridge Road and I’ve never seen cars like eight or nine cars congregate at the end of it to where you can’t see to pull out. …

• If you don’t have a camera outside at your house, I would advise getting one. Also, I would advise who you let drop off to your house. It’s amazing what can get captured on a camera. It is amazing. …

• I can’t believe the police won’t do nothing about all these loud cars and trucks. They’re so loud you can hear them off the highway for a good ways. You can still hear it just like you was out on the road.

• I just saw on the evening news where (President Joe) Biden’s unemployment benefits, they’re drawing as much as twice the minimum wage. So why go to work when you can draw twice the minimum wage sitting on your butt?