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Constituents’ opinions should be sought before votes by elected officials


I subscribe to our Sen. (Erin) Houchin and Rep. (Karen) Engleman’s newsletters and respond to their surveys. They talk about things like supporting law enforcement, education, expanding broadband access, etc. All good and important things.

However, what they don’t tell you about is their votes to degrade the environment, suppress voting and gun control. Nor do they ask us about our opinions on these matters in their surveys.

Both voted “Yes” on SB 389, a bill to allow destruction of Indiana wetlands even though scientific reports say they are our best protection of waterways against agriculture runoffs.

Both voted “Yes” on SB 398 and HB 1365, to make it harder for us to vote. We must now “prove” we are U.S. citizens. Does this mean only those people who have the new “Real ID” driver’s license will be allowed to vote? What about those people who don’t have these?

Sen. Houchin co-sponsored HB 1369, a bill to eliminate the requirement for a permit to carry a hand gun, which passed the House, but died in the Senate committee.

Many Republican states have passed voter suppression and no gun permit bills. I think it’s a deplorable state of affairs when it’s easier to buy and carry a gun than it is to vote.

Meanwhile, I wonder why they didn’t ask us, their constituents, our opinion before they voted. They are suppose to represent us. It make me wonder what else they will keep from us if they are re-elected.

Harold Wilson | Corydon, Ind.