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Starbucks’ doors open in Corydon

Starbucks’ doors open in Corydon
Starbucks’ doors open in Corydon
A customer waits to order inside the newly-opened Starbucks coffee shop located at the Old Capitol Centre in Corydon. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Morning commutes to work and afternoon lulls have gotten a little easier to battle as Starbucks in Corydon opened earlier this month for coffee lovers or those seeking another style of drink or small meal or snack.

The new coffee shop is located at 151 Pacer Court NW at the Old Capitol Centre and has a drive-thru option as well as seating inside and on a patio.

Starbucks offers various blends of coffee and seasonal coffee drinks as well, like the popular pumpkin spice latte and cold brew. The shop also sells other drinks in case people aren’t coffee fans. A variety of hot and cold teas, hot chocolate and juices are also available to purchase.

Drew Evans, a 35-year-old Georgetown resident who works in Corydon, said he is excited that the business is up and running and that it will most likely be a frequent stop for him on his way into work.

“I have been excited for it to open since it was rumored like a year ago that it was coming,” Evans said. “I’m a big coffee fan and having a Starbucks is a big deal for Corydon, so I think it is a really good thing for the community.”

Starbucks offers food as well. For breakfast offerings, there are items like a bacon, gouda and egg sandwich, a sausage, chedda and egg sandwich, a spinach, feta and egg white wrap and various egg-bite options like the kale and portobello mushroom. Numerous bagel options are also available.

Lunch offerings are also made daily and include a crispy grilled cheese, ham and Swiss panini, chicken caprese panini and more. Salted almond chocolate bites, peanut butter cups and more line the register for quick treats available to purchase.

“It is so nice inside of there,” Kathy Saunders, a Corydon resident, said. “And the staff was so friendly and walked me through what each of the drinks were and the sizing, because it is a little different than I am used to. I can imagine that if you were driving through on a trip that having this right off the interstate would be a really good thing.”

Starbucks is open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.