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September 29, 2021

September 29, 2021 September 29, 2021

• I’m so sick and tired of hearing people on the news telling everyone get the shot. …

• Some people act animal friendly then, when you visit their home, you see that they have big dogs in little pens living in their own feces, weeds growed up above their head, drinking stagnant water. If this ain’t animal cruelty, I don’t know what is.

• I was wondering about the people in New Middletown, why they think they should use the church parking lots for their own personal parking lot. …

• I’m calling about the stoplights that’s been rewired in Corydon. … I’m seeing people run red lights all the time. It’s kind of dangerous. It needs to be corrected or something looked at.

• I saw the comment about weeds by the Constitution Elm, so I’d like to add another comment. I walked by the downtown visitor center and noticed the … bench is in much-needed repair. I also noticed that the visitor’s center sign has a bush covering the word information, and the back of the John Shields sign also has a bush covering some of it.

• I would just like to thank our new maintenance man at the Marengo elderly housing. He hasn’t been here long, and I see things getting done that should’ve been done years ago. I think in due time he will get this place looking good again.

• For all the parents worried about their children wearing masks at school, I promise you their oxygen level will not get down to 17%. If Ms. Edwards has such a problem, I suggest she visit her physician as soon as possible.

• Regarding everyone’s concern about kids wearing masks in school, you can always send an extra mask with your child and have them change to a new mask at lunch if you’re concerned about contamination of any sort. I’m not a fan of the masks either; however, I would rather my child have a mask on their face all day than be forced to get a vaccine that has not had enough research behind it.

• I wonder why we keep losing businesses downtown. Is it the people being cool racing from stoplight to stoplight? Is it the … smell from the chicken trucks? Is it the person who yells racist comments at tourists?  I would be interested in your opinion. God bless everyone trying to make it through the day with family and friends dying needlessly.

• We are not all in this together. Politicians and state and local officials have not given up one paycheck. They have not plowed under their fields or slaughtered their livestock or dumped their milk. They have not lost their homes or businesses. They have not laid awake all night wondering how they will feed their families or pay their bills. …

• I realize it’s 2021 and … I don’t have anything against people smoking pot inside the privacy of their own homes, but I don’t understand why I have to smell it morning, noon and night coming from my neighbor’s house as they light up on their back porch. …