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September 29, 2021

15 years ago

September 27, 2006

South Harrison Community School Corp. has begun a Mentor Teaching Training program in keeping with a new state requirement that all educators who mentor be certified by the 2007-08 school year. Assistant Supt. Jeff Hauswald made the announcement at the Sept. 12 meeting of the South Harrison school board. He said there has already been one session. “The mentor certification program certifies teachers to be mentors for any teacher’s license that requires one,” said Hauswald, who is excited about the new program. “The first session seemed to go really well.”

As heavy rain fell Friday and Saturday, visions of 1997 flashed through some people’s minds. The flash flooding washed out the annual Cockadoodle Days festival, moved band contests indoors, temporarily closed numerous roads and prompted the Harrison County Board of Commissioners to declare a state of emergency. “It could have been considerably worse,” Fred Cammack, Corydon’s town manager, said Monday. “We were very fortunate.” This past weekend’s flooding was about the fourth he remembered seeing in Corydon. The first was in 1943, then another in 1959. Cammack said he missed the flood in the ‘60s, returning just a couple of days afterward.

The owner of the Lanesville Milling Co. credits firefighters with keeping a “huge ball of fire” from leveling the building in a chain of events that destroyed his home this past weekend. Mark Bush was living in a trailer about 20 feet behind the old mill that faces Main Street in the town’s east end. As a nearby creek flooded its banks Friday night, it caused a 500-gallon propane tank to break loose and explode.

South Central head coach Patty Shaffer said the worst thing that could happen to her volleyball team is to come out aggressive then think it can coast to a victory. That’s exactly what took place Thursday in Elizabeth as the Lady Rebels had to rally past visiting Crawford County in five games, 25-17, 21-25, 19-25, 25-21, 15-8. “I think we underestimated Crawford County. We’ve had some wins in the last two weeks where we didn’t have to work hard, and I think we’ve become complacent.”

Deaths: Linden Stonecipher, 59; Mary M. Montgomery, 77; Katina Whitten, 33; Mary E. Coffman, 73; Charles Black, 79; Everett Gladsmith, 90; Teresa Collins, 67.

25 years ago

October 2, 1996

Voters in the Nov. 5 General Election will have choices in most local races, the gubernatorial, congressional and presidential races. Folks can get an up-close look at local candidates at a political forum sponsored by the Lanesville Jaycees Friday night at 6:45, during the Fish Fry. Candidates will be asked to explain the duties of the offices they are seeking and what they can contribute to the position. A question-and-answer period will follow.

It’s too soon to tell how federal welfare reforms that took effect yesterday will affect the sweeping changes already adopted in Indiana, but state legislators are keeping a watchful eye. State Sen. Richard Young, D-Milltown, who helped author Indiana’s welfare reform bill adopted last year, is one of 10 legislators serving on a bipartisan Welfare Reform Study Committee. “The law passed by Congress in August is not likely to have much impact on Indiana, because our reform program is generally in line with the federal bill,” Young said. “In some cases, we are already doing more than Congress requires.”

Educators know that not all high school students will go to a traditional four-year college, but that doesn’t mean they won’t need training past high school. That thinking was reflected in the federally funded tech prep initiative, which originated in 1987 and continues through a program called “School-to-Career,” an analogy to describe them used by Heidi Weber, who directs both programs for a seven-county consortium that includes Harrison and Crawford counties. “Tech prep is like the foundation of a home,” she said. “School-to-Career is like the roof. It’s the overriding feature, covering several elements.”

For the second time in three years, the Harrison County Boys High School Tennis Tournament was contested on Orange County soil last Saturday. A week earlier, inclement weather forced the postponement of the tournament, and with sectionals looming later this week, another rainy scenario late last week forced the tournament to be moved to indoor facilities at French Lick. It’s a den the North Harrison squad has come to enjoy, for just as in 1994 the Cougars emerged victorious on Saturday, edging defending champ Corydon Central.

Deaths: Sammy J. Smith, 60; Mary L. Powell, 94; Alice M. Johnston, 78; Goldie A. Smith, 80; Albert Summers, 85; Brenda Stumler, 46; Jack E. Fulkerson, 68; Michael Howell, 41; Pearl Crecelius, 91; Arlyn B. Brown, 61; Charles H. Wishmeyer, 81.

50 years ago

September 29, 1971

New teachers at South Central Junior-Senior High School are James Terhune, Robert Russell, Vincent Zachem (principal), Clara Amy, Viola Behr, John Jackson, Charles Whitson, Mike Sloan and Sharon Simpson.

Dr. William J. Bean has opened his office for practice of dermatology at Marion. He is a native of Corydon, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bean.

Scott T. Miller, formerly of Marengo, has been appointed assistant U.S. attorney in Indianapolis. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Miller, own two stores in Marengo and also other stores in Southern Indiana.

Chester Foster of Mauckport is the engineer on The Belle of Louisville. He says most of his trips are special groups chartering the boat.

When school started at North Harrison this month, the students enjoyed the new $1 million educational complex which was recently completed.

Births: Boys — Joyce McNeill, Cheryl Curts, Linda Summers, Mary Gudgeon; girls — Juanita Wilson, Phylis McClanahan, Mrs. Robert O’Bannon Jr.

Deaths: Blaine Hardsaw, 54; Albert Martin, 76; Lehonna Leah Kitterman, 5; John Simmons; George Wolfe, 60; Sydney Sadler, 64; Dale Gray; Roger Alstott.

65 years ago

September 26, 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brandenburg have sold their home on South Mulberry Street to the JayC Store Corp. and are moving into an apartment. The John C. Groub Co. of Seymour, owners of the JayC Food Stores, is planning to build a new market on South Mulberry Street.

Lanny Amy, student minister, has taken over the Harrison County Christian Pastoral Unity. The Rev. John Bare, former pastor, has retired.

Southern Indiana Broilers Association served more than 6,000 persons a chicken barbecue dinner at the fairgrounds Sunday. This is the third annual chicken dinner by the association.

Daniel Lockwood of Gibson County has been employed by North Central School Corp. to teach science and physical education and to serve as assistant coach at the high school at Ramsey.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. John Fehhiel, Mr. and Mrs. Noble Faulkenburg, Mr. and Mrs. William G. Orwick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Roggenkamp, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Knear, Mr. and Mrs. Preson Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Borden, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lord; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hosler, Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Harrell, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bigler.

Deaths: Charles Wathen, 27; Helen Russell, 39; George C. Bruce, 65; Mrs. Pearl Henning; O.P. Anderson.

75 years ago

October 2, 1946

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lopp and Francis Watson of Madison spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lopp and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Watson.

Mrs. Iris White of Louisville is spending the week at her home, “The Cedars” in Webster Township.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Roland Reich, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bironas, Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Byrne; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dirck, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Srarnek, Mr. and Mrs. J. Forrest Saffer, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Walts.

Deaths: Andrew Cunningham, 93; Laura Sherman, 81; Robert F. Schooley, 51; Hannah Laws, 68; Joel Tingle, 74.

100 years ago

October 5, 1921

John McKim and daughter, Mildred, and Roy McKim of Laconia and Mrs. Monroe Gerdon of near New Middletown spent Sunday with the Rev. and Mrs. McKim near Central.

Miss Carlos Redden of New Amsterdam was hit below the eye by a ball one day last week. Some boys were playing ball on the school ground when the ball accidentally hit her.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Dale Williar; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Davis.

Deaths: Lee Hoffman, 84; Mrs. Cora E. Schecter, 63; Mrs. Lydia Stairett, 68; Clyde Wolfe, 4; Charles Sampson, 28; Tolbert A. Hoke, 61; Mrs. Emily Payton, 78.