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No need to hesitate; get vaccinated

It was very difficult for me to watch the 9/11 ceremonies this month. I was reminded of the many people who lost their lives in New York City, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Also, there were many heroes that day.

I am still amazed at the courage of the first responders who went into action immediately after the attacks. Those that immediately reacted didn’t hesitate. There were the responders in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and then the ordinary citizens on the airplane.

Those gallant Americans rushed to action without one moment of hesitation. They knew what their duties were to their fellow American, and they did it without consideration for their own lives.

From the beginning days of our country, our service members have done the same things. Many of them have given their lives. Many have lost limbs. Many of them have suffered — and many still are suffering — from PTSD.

If these Americans during 9/11 went into action without hesitation, and, over time, Americans have served their country, why can’t so many Americans simply put a needle in their arms to save other lives and their own?

Glenn Thienel | Corydon, Ind.