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‘COVID Stops Here’ urges employer action

Indiana businesses that have achieved widespread vaccination among employees can earn a new designation from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and its Wellness Council of Indiana.

Our COVID Stops Here campaign recognizes employers leading the fight against COVID-19 and playing a role in improving the state’s vaccination numbers. Companies with at least a 70% employee vaccination rate can receive the designation.

The campaign has four vaccination levels: platinum for 100% vaccinated, gold for 90%, silver for 80% and bronze for 70%.

Eligible employers can receive this recognition by filling out a short online application.

Workplaces meeting the requirements receive a media kit to help promote their vaccination status. This promotion can have a big impact on employee safety and morale, as well as positively impact relationships with customers, visitors and partners.

While a federal vaccine mandate for certain employers is looming, we believe that decision should be left up to individual employers. They are in the best position to address any work environment challenges.

What we are doing — through COVID Stops Here — is encouraging more businesses to routinely communicate to their employees the benefits to them personally and for their employer of having a vaccinated workforce.

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Kevin Brinegar, President and CEO, Indiana Chamber of Commerce