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SH Water retail rate to increase in October

SH Water retail rate to increase in October SH Water retail rate to increase in October

South Harrison Water Co. has announced an across-the-board rate increase of 4.6% to begin with water bills due Oct. 15.

“After waiting 19 years to do a large increase in 2010, we promised our customers that we would do smaller and more frequent increases,” said Bruce Cunningham, general manager of the water company. “We have followed through with a small increase in 2016 and this 2021 increase.

“Being a not-for-profit utility company, all of our monies are put back into the system of pipes, tanks and pumping stations we have to serve our customers,” he said. “We have nearly 400 miles of pipes in the ground and much of it is reaching its planned end of life. We are constantly spending funds to replace and upgrade this system.”

In addition to the across-the-board increase, there will be an increase of $4 to the base charges for each meter size and type. The base charge covers the cost of reading meters and the administrative costs of printing and mailing the bills and collecting payments.

“Our employees take the responsibility of providing safe, reliable and affordable drinking water very seriously,” Cunningham said, “and our board of directors also takes their fiduciary responsibilities to our customers seriously as well.”

South Harrison Water serves 3,450 meters in southern Harrison County and a portion of Floyd County.