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September 22, 2021

September 22, 2021 September 22, 2021

• I think kids with lice should be able to remain at school and sit with all the other kids in class. Kids with lice have rights. Treatment should be optional. Don’t be a sheep. That’s how some of you sound.

• Today at the Constitution Elm (in Corydon), I was shocked to see so many weeds growing in the cracks in front of it and on the steps. I pulled up a bag of weeds and brought them home to discard. There are more weeds, but my sore back would not allow me to do more. I know this is a state property but isn’t anyone in Corydon supposed to keep it looking nice? I have friends coming in to see the tree. I hope it looks better when they get here.

• I live on Lickford Bridge (Road) and here about a month ago I had a little incident on a Saturday and I just want to thank the 911 dispatcher, the fire department and the ambulance people because they were real polite and they actually act like they cared, so I was just wanting to thank them. So, thank you.

• I’m calling about how much Johnson grass and weeds (are) along the highways. They’re supposed to mow them. They make farmers keep … weeds and stuff like that out, but I guess the state can get by just mowing one swath and letting the rest of it go.

• It’s really sad a lot of the businesses in Corydon act like they (couldn’t) care less if … they care to help you. So that’s why I think Corydon is having some problems with customers, and it’s sad because, especially downtown Corydon, they could really do a lot with it. …

• To the person in Live Wire that stated there’s no such thing as the coronavirus, that it is false and made up by the Democrats, tell that to the families of the 660,000-plus Americans that have died from the virus. There is a prevention called vaccination, but there’s no cure for stupid.

• For those selfish parents who are against schoolchildren wearing a mask because it is against their liberties and freedoms, your individual freedom does not override the well-being of a whole. We have lost sight of the common good.

• I’m calling in about school bus routes. Our neighborhood years ago (was) the first one on (and) was the first one off. Now, the first one on is the last kid off because they go backwards in the evening.

• I’d like to make a comment to all the people that doesn’t want to get the COVID shots. It’s your choice, you’re correct, but maybe if it was to the point that you couldn’t go to the hospitals and fill up the beds whenever you get COVID that you have to live at home and not worry about being given oxygen or the fact that you give it to the kids that can’t get the shots, maybe if you couldn’t be treated for it after you get it, then maybe it really is real.

• I’m calling about the traffic lights at (S.R.) 135 from Quarry Road south. They’re all messed up. I’ve never seen traffic backed up like it was today, Thursday. I sure hope they’re not done. Don’t see anybody working out there. Man, have you ever seen it backed up like today?

Editor’s note: According to the press release issued by the Indiana Dept. of Transportation prior to the start of the project, work is expected to be ongoing through mid-December.

• Before I retired, I had my own business. I did all by myself and made good money doing so. Now, I see people riding shirttails of others doing nothing but whining about how they could make the place better. That’s what’s wrong with this country. People like that taking credit for the other ones that do all the work.

• Ms. Edwards, I don’t think I want doctors and nurses performing two, four, six hours of surgery on me if they are only retaining 17% of their oxygen levels. People, use your heads. If people don’t want their kids to wear masks, keep them home or find another school. Duh.

• By the way, caller, if you don’t make it through boot camp, how can you serve your country? …

• Yeah, I think that our government ought to stay out of who’s getting vaccinated because whoever’s got vaccinated already is probably the ones that wanted to get it. I’m vaccinated, but I don’t see our government ought to step in and put stipulations on, well, you’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that. I don’t think that’s right. I got it because that’s just the way I am. I get my flu vaccination every year, but I’m thinking they say like 52% of Americans got vaccinated. Well, they’re not going to force somebody to get a vaccination. … They ought to start worrying about other things in this country like these teenagers that are killing each other … They ought to start worrying about stuff like that instead of trying to force a shot on somebody that they don’t want.

• After reading the article in the paper Friday about the school board meeting on the mask mandate, I’m reminded of a quote that an old man told me years ago … The quote was basically better to keep quiet and let them think a fool of you than to open your mouth and confirm it. Basically, according to the Mayo Clinic and several other reputable organizations, most people, normal people, would be unconscious at 55% oxygen …