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Gratitude goes to all who endure discomfort, make sacrifice for others

I would like to take this moment to thank all the good citizens that cared about me and those I dearly love. The discomfort and sacrifices that you have endured on behalf of love and compassion is truly noteworthy and, understanding you had other choices, raises it to a level of being noble.

Yes, you have had a choice, a choice of life, and you chose that my life and the life of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and my “brothers and sisters” were worthy, worthy enough for your sacrifices. The discomfort of wearing a mask, receiving a vaccine, done all because your heart and spirit saw everybody’s worth.

My total appreciation goes to all those “patriot warriors” who heeded a call by our nation to engage in our civic duty, to help our community, our country, to overcome this “invisible” enemy, the coronavirus, misinformation, hate, ridicule, name calling and downright lies. You have been steadfast. Thank you.

Yes, all of you are the forces of the “brave” that recognize the call to protect our nation.

My gratitude goes to each one of you who recognized the exhaustion of the frontline leaders: our EMS, doctors, nurses, all health care workers, the ministers of comfort, teachers, National Guards, that have assisted in every capacity that their skills can employ, and so many more and you chose to wear your mask, get vaccinated, to help eliminate the onslaught brought on by COVID. You all have put your “thank you” into action; you have brought meaning to USA. You are the U.S.

USAs wholesome people.

USAs being united in cause to overcome.

USAs a community that care about the worth of people.

USAs a people who will sacrifice for the good of the whole.

USAs being committed to the call of love, the call of God.

May God bless U.S. in these efforts.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind.