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Rescued canine reunited with owner

Rescued canine reunited with owner Rescued canine reunited with owner

An emaciated dog who was rescued earlier this month by cavers who were exploring Dewey Hickman Nature Reserve was reunited with his owner.

The black-and-white dog who was called Dewey after being rescued is actually named Hawkeye.

Hawkeye’s owner picked him up at Harrison County Animal Control last Wednesday. A couple of Hawkeye’s rescuers were able to visit with him prior to his going home.

The cavers caught sight of the stranded dog on Sept. 4 and rappelled down a 30-foot pit and lifted the dog out. The cavers believed the dog may have been caught by his collar on a branch as he fell as there appeared to be scratch marks about halfway down the shaft. It is believed the dog was able to eventually wiggle free and dropped to the bottom of the pit.

An empty turtle shell found by the cavers at the bottom of the pit may have collected rain water, which helped to keep Hawkeye alive.

The following day, Harrison County Animal Control was called and housed Hawkeye, who may have been in the cave for up to two weeks, as indicated by how thin he was and how loose his collar was.