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Plan commission issues 68 permits

Plan commission issues 68 permits Plan commission issues 68 permits

Sixty-two building permits were issued in July, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, 11 were for single-family houses, to James Duddy in Posey Township, Kaitlyn Stamper in Jackson Township, Joshua F. and Elizabeth Matlock in Morgan Township, Clifton Swift Jr. in Jackson Township, Lawrence Donald and Melissa Mays in Posey Township, Jeremy and Virginia Smitley in Jackson Township, Leroy and Anna Wetzel in Spencer Township, David and Tamara Kunzman in Franklin Township, David Spieth in Harrison Township, Infinity Homes & Development in Harrison Township and Daniel and Breana Millet in Franklin Township.

Two permits were issued for modular homes, to Clarance and Katie Duncan in Webster Township and Kyle and Kara Hall in Morgan Township.

Three permits were issued for mobile homes, to Arthur III and Jade Baisley McDaniel in Morgan Township, Juanita Cesar in Harrison Township and Michael Schubert in Taylor Township.

Other permits issued were for one addition, two alterations, one carport, two decks, 25 electricals, four garages, one pergola, three pools and seven storage buildings as follows:

Addition — Jessica Dymond, Heth.

Alterations — Circle K Stores Inc., Town of Corydon; Jackson Wilkerson, Harrison.

Carport — Thomas Sr. and Kathleen Witt, Franklin.

Decks — Robert Emily, Harrison; Kevin Burres, Webster.

Electricals — Sierra D. Goode and Brandon J. Ford, Webster; Matthew Burns, Posey; Deborah Farinelli, Town of Corydon; Barbara K. Rumple, Jackson; Brian Sturgeon, Heth; David W. Frederick, Town of Corydon; Benjamin Hess, Boone; Martin F. and Jessica Bachman, Jackson; Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church, Harrison; Susan G. Burdge, Town of Corydon; Jessica Dymond, Heth; Charles and Sandra Hess, Franklin; Jacob Phillips, Jackson; Mike Purcell, Jackson; Ryan Smith, Blue River; Dustin Walker, Harrison; Wyman L. and Peggy L. Childers, Morgan; Bradley Wiseman, Heth; Jessica and Eric Brewer, Franklin; William Freshour, Jackson; Rodney and Monica Bowman, Posey; Hope Wilt, Morgan; Goldia Gibson, Morgan; Troy and Kimberly Blumenstock, Harrison; Monica Brunner, Heth.

Garages — Trent D. Carlson, Heth; Tom Will, Franklin; Juanita Cesar, Harrison; Holly Wisman, Franklin

Pergola — Old Capitol United Methodist Church, Town of Corydon.

Pools — Justin S. and Johanna Crawford, Harrison; Mark and Wilma Hilbert, Posey; Jeremy Pate, Franklin.

Storage — August M. and Lou Ann Smith, Spencer; Fred and Carol Naegele, Jackson; Dallas and Donna Harbeson, Harrison; Timothy Troutman, Posey; Jason and April Thompson, Franklin; Michael and Pamela Sheley, Harrison; John Siebert, Blue River.