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September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021 September 1, 2021

• I’m calling about the putting of the parking meters in downtown Corydon. I want to know how much it’s going to cost to purchase the parking meters. How much it’s going to cost to install the parking meters and how many years it’s going to take to pay all that off. And then tell me how that’s going to help get people to visit downtown Corydon.

Editor’s note: The Corydon Town Council has not said it would use parking meters to track two-hour parking; instead, it has discussed other methods. A final decision has yet to be made.

• A long-time friend from a different political party that I am just recently told me that I am not a humanitarian because I do not agree with all of the people coming in on the southern border unchecked. This is something that I could not believe she told me but apparently other people believe that also.

• It looks like some students are not going to have to pay off their student debt. I am very proud of my daughter who worked very hard to pay off hers and was very proud of it after she did it. I also wonder why my neighbor, who made a large sum of money, let his student debt drag on for years without paying it off until he absolutely had to.

• This country is not helping the veterans enough, but I know people who claim to be veterans and they never made it through boot camp. People that claim this stuff is a disgrace to our country.

• I’m just heartbroken. Just turned on the news today, the 26th of August, and find out that 12 members of our U.S. military have been killed and they don’t know  how many’s been injured. …

• I can’t believe the way people’s sniffling about the way Biden is trying to help people. He’s trying to help people that worked all their life and still ended up with nothing. He’s not trying to help people that go in debt all their life, file bankruptcy and then when they die they leave a bill for the government to pay. That’s not who you should try and help.

• The (situation) in Afghanistan started with George Bush. He didn’t … stand up to Rumsfield and the warmongerers. We had no business going to Iraq. We destroyed Iraq, and that’s why ISIS came into the picture. And Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban … to pull the troops out. So … quit blaming it all on Biden. When they had (four) presidents and none of them had a plan on how to get out of Afghanistan, not a single one of them. So, you have to blame them all, not just Biden.

• What is wrong with the school boards in this area? … If we’re that short on teachers, bus drivers, students and other personnel because of illness, shut the (darn) doors. It’s their job to protect all staff and students, vaccinated or not.

• This is for the caller that’s so sure President Biden took the COVID vaccine on live television. How do you know he just didn’t  get a shot of vitamin B12? Right. You don’t. Enough said.

• When receiving doctorates, the recipients pledge an oath. The doctors in Florida … should have their doctorates revoked and practices closed for refusing to care for the unvaccinated and for abandoning their patients the day they walked out in protest.

• This is your daily reminder that President Barack Obama released five Taliban terrorists who are now in Afghanistan.

• Pro-life conservatives have said a woman has no choice for an abortion when human life is involved. Now, how many of those people say they have freedom of choice when it comes to mandated vaccinations and masks, which together save lives? Please, people; get vaccinated.

• It’s Sunday. It’s 20 after 12. I waited 25 minutes in Walmart for somebody to come to electronics. …