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August 25, 2021

August 25, 2021 August 25, 2021

• This is a message for those who aren’t concerned about the illegal immigrants coming in our country. Since Jan. 1, there has been 1.4 million that have came in that were caught, which does not count the ones that were not caught. That is more than the population of 10 of our states. People need to realize this is a huge health, economic and political issue and not just sweep it under the rug.

• Well, here we go again. The businesses in this area, if they make it mandatory to take the shot, they are violating your natural rights to say no given to us in the Constitution. Need to boycott. Don’t buy anything from them at all then watch things change. …

• I’m calling about the Biden new increase of SNAP benefits. If people got a job, they would have money to spend. But, I guess it’s easier for free government programs and other people to pay for it.

• This is for the reader who wondered about President Joe Biden getting his vaccine. Yes, as a matter of fact, he did it live on TV twice. Now, my question is did you get your vaccine?

• Just thought I’d reply to the (caller) who said Donald Trump built a wall to keep all the immigrants out. Sadly, Donald Trump only built 372 miles of a wall over a 3,000-mile border. And, no, nobody is tearing the wall down. …

• People, you need to wake up and watch Dr. Oz. The masks we used last year were 75% fakes from China and Mexico. He shows how to test these masks. They cause more people to die from respiratory problems than not wearing one. They even use labels on fake hand sanitizer mixes. Please be aware and check the labels. Remember the HIPAA law and your constitutional right by law to say no. Praise the Lord, and everybody get well.

• Why are people who are admitted ahead of those even though those people occupy beds and they occupy beds that are seriously needed for people to be admitted to the hospital because of heart attacks and other serious treatments because of the limited ability of treatment? … People with cancer, vaccines are often denied or cannot have the vaccine to help them prevent serious actions from the COVID-19 or the Delta variant. So, there should be a triage affect that will help people who need to be first in line instead of those who are on the news media every day telling they will not take the vaccine.

• I read the opinion from Mel Gurtov on the Afghanistan debacle and drew the conclusion that he is basically an apologist for Joe Biden. Hey, Mel, you failed to mention the fact that Joe Biden left … Blackhawk helicopters behind, transport jets, munitions, machine guns, large weapons, medical supplies, generators, bulldozers and backhoes and somewhere between 11,000 and 40,000 Americans. You can’t cover this up, Mel.

• Just some food for thought in this debacle of a school system we have at the moment, and all school systems. Was wondering why the children who got vaccinated as planned and encouraged to stay away from quarantining and spreading a virus they don’t have, and probably won’t get, are being made to be punished like the children who are not vaccinated? Why, if the teachers have to teach, can’t they teach from their classrooms instead of on the beach or other some unknown location? And the kids who are not quarantined or who are vaccinated and won’t be quarantined can’t go to school and have the benefit of a secure place to learn? The knowledge of a teacher is invaluable and cannot be imparted through virtual learning. We know this. It has been proven. I wonder why we can’t keep the schools open? I really don’t care if only three children are sitting in a classroom. If teachers are being paid to teach –— which I understand their stress — they can teach from a classroom of three children while the rest are online. Our tax dollars are paying for this and our children, my particular one I am talking about, has been vaccinated and would not have been quarantined or most likely 90% not gotten the COVID vaccine. I can understand that it is a problem. However, how does this encourage parents to get vaccinations? If you would keep quarantining the kids who refuse to do that, then maybe the inconvenience to their parents would help boost the vaccination process.

• This is your daily reminder that under Obama, in 2010, U.S. forces captured the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. In 2018, Trump released him from prison.

• I just seen on the news that everybody’s blaming Biden for what’s going on in Afghanistan. At least he had enough gumption to get us out of there after 20 years of wasting money and wasting our people’s lives. …

• I say impeach Joe Biden. He’s not fit to run the country. He’s got this world in a heck of a shape. Impeach him.

• Seems like the town board people of Marengo have a problem. I see them telling people to clean their yards up that they been into it with at meetings but yet some of the members have a junkyard within 200 feet of their own house …

• People, people, wake up in the world. If these governors offer bribes and money to take this shot, what’s that tell you? Just say no. Never been FDA approved, any of this stuff. …

Editor’s note: Earlier this week, the Food & Drug Administration approved the Pfizer vaccine.

Love Biden or hate him, at least he accepts responsibility for what he does unlike Trump who always blamed somebody else.

• I can’t believe that Biden raised the unemployment benefits and the SNAP things, and people drawing unemployment’s making twice the minimum wage per year. I guess as long as taxpayers pay for it, why it’s all right to use it.

• I think our .. commissioners should get out of office and drive these roads. The Johnson grass falling into the roads on old (S.R.) 337 and Elizabeth-New Middletown Road. Probably the same way in the northern part of the county. …

• I just seen on the news where Biden is going to get rid of $5.8 billion debt for students. Why can’t they pay their payment like everybody else? Why should they get free stuff? …

• Our government does not help our veterans nearly enough. Nearly, nearly enough. But, yet, we can take in the immigrants and serve them everything on a silver platter. Help them with everything. I say we need to help our veterans more and more.