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Lady Panthers win 5-way match at Old Cap

Lady Panthers win 5-way match at Old Cap
Lady Panthers win 5-way match at Old Cap
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Wade Bell, Sports Writer

Last Thursday with the heat index over 105, golfers from Corydon Central, Lanesville, North Harrison, Salem and Charlestown met at the Old Capital Golf Club at Corydon for a five-way match. Coaches made sure plenty of water was available, and a shade tree was worth its weight in gold. By the end of the day, the Corydon Central Lady Panthers had fired a solid round of 198 to win the match.

“We’ve shot a couple of other under-200s the last couple of years, but this early in the season we’ve not done that,” said Corydon Central coach Eric Rowland. “We’ve really improved over the last couple of seasons.”

Golf can be tough mentally on those who play the game by itself, but add sauna-like heat and humidity and it doubles the amount of stress.

“It’s very hard because you always want to drink a water or take a break because the sun is so bright,” said Corydon Central’s Abby Russel. “It’s really hard to stay straight and keep your mind focused. During sunset, it’s in your eyes and your visor can’t cover it. It gets really hot.”

“I tell them to drink lots of water during school,” said Rowland. “Today was extremely hot, so I was just carting around with water as much as possible to try to keep them cool.”

Corydon Central freshman Emma Rowland led the Lady Panthers with a low round of 41 for medalist honors.

“It was pretty good,” Rowland said. “I had a few rough holes but, other than that, I thought I played pretty well.”

“A few tournaments were hot but not all of them,” she said. “Our last tournament last Saturday, it was pretty hot. Probably not as hot as this, but it was a hot one. We drank lots of water and, whenever we could find shade, we tried to stay in the shade and not in the sun.”

Russel said the course was in relatively good condition despite the high temperatures.

“It’s been pretty dry because we’ve had the hot spells, but the greens were taken care of nicely and it was fun to play,” Russel said. “I would like to break 90 during an 18-hole round and break 45 during a nine-hole round. That’s what my goals are. Today, I had a 55 but yesterday I shot a 46. The heat just really got me today. I know I can do better. I know where I messed up, and I can work on it tomorrow to get better at it.

“These girls have worked hard the last couple of years so they’re competing against themselves every match,” Eric Rowland said. “They’re really trying to get their score down because they’ve got a big goal in mind at the end of the year. They’re just fighting through every condition that we have to try to get those scores to come down. This year we’re going to try to win the (Mid-Southern Conference) hopefully. We’ve got a goal to do that. We’ve been close the last couple of years. The last year we were a few strokes away from getting to go to regional. That’s definitely a goal this year. Hopefully, it stays a little cooler.”

Charlestown was several strokes behind the Lady Panthers with a final team score of 245. Salem, North Harrison and Lanesville had no team scores.

North Harrison sisters Olivia and Ava Abner were the only two players on the course for the Lady Cats. Ava finished with a round of 64, and Olivia shot a 72 for the day.

“It’s a game,” said Olivia. “You take it seriously whether you have a full team or not. It was with difficulty but we managed to get through and we competed in nine holes. I think it’s not always about the game but perseverance to learn your responsibility and dedication. I’m not very good at golf, but I enjoy it. It’s a love-hate relationship.”

The Lanesville Lady Eagles have put together their first team in school history for this season but for this day only two played due to unforeseen circumstances, one of those being the coronavirus.

“We lost a couple of players because of quarantine,” said Lanesville’s Emma Campbell, who finished with a round of 60 for the nine holes. “Some of our players couldn’t (play) because of the heat, so we only have two players today. We pushed through. I did better than I did on Tuesday. We’re improving.”

“Lanesville has never had a golf team before,” she said. “I saw the opportunity to take it to the school and asked them if we could do it and then my dad became the coach. We’re just bringing in more and more girls every day to play, and we’re just going at it and teaching everyone how to play.”

Campbell said the team is having fun while learning things, such as the distance to hit each club.

“It’s pretty hard but, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy,” she said. “Once you see the distance, you know in yourself which club to use.”

Teams scores

Corydon Central 198

Charlestown 245

No team scores — Lanesville, North Harrison, Salem