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August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021 August 18, 2021

• When the Democrats demanded Gov. Cuomo step down, they have set a higher standard than the Republicans when it comes to proper conduct in respect to women’s dignity.

• I just wonder if President Biden has gotten this coronavirus shot. He seems to be wanting to shove it down everybody else’s throat. …

• I’d like to comment for the state not mowing the rights-of-way that was in the paper. For about 25 years now, they’ve been claiming the state is too broke to mow the rights-of-way but yet, when they do have it mowed — this is what gets me — they hire and contract the labor out. If they’re too broke to mow it their self, how can they contract and hire somebody else to do it?

• Believing in facts and science does not make you a liberal. It makes you literate.

•  Somebody (called) into the Live Wire and found it pathetic that people in the current Live Wire was bringing up the illegal immigrants and how many they are of them. There are hordes and hordes of them coming in. I’ve seen it on the news. I’ve sat and watched it with my own eyes. … But yet, we’re being persecuted if (we) don’t take that COVID shot, but yet the immigrants is coming in bringing who knows what. You also replied that it was not Joe Biden’s fault. Well, frankly, let me say this. … He got nominated into office for president. Him and Kamala Harris, his vice president, standing right beside of him. They both agreed, and they still do, that they need to tear the wall down that Trump put up so that more immigrants could come in and bring in who knows what. So … yes, Joe Biden does have a lot to do with this whether you want to admit it or not.

• Just trying to figure out when (someone is) going to mow the weeds and the trees on the creek bank (in Lanesville) to make it look like it’s more presentable to the town. It looks trashy.

• I just want to know who’s responsible if someone gets hit right here at (S.R.) 135 and Shiloh Road right across the road from Trinity church. By this guardrail, you can’t see because of these bushes growing up here. …

• These people on North Road need to slow down. They drive like maniacs. They go right through the stop sign down there at Hancock Chapel Church. They’re lawbreakers. There needs to be a policeman up here checking on them. …

•  This is just a concerned Harrison County resident. The rest area, well, they always called it the Lanesville rest area; actually, it’s in Floyd County. It’s a good idea that they busted out the concrete and the blacktop and all that and sowed it back in grass. That’s a good idea since it was no longer there, but I think they should also plant trees. If they’re going to return it to nature, plant the trees and let it return back to nature. I just think that would be a good idea.