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New Middletown school a fantastic place, thanks to its staff, students

My dad, my brother, myself and numerous other close relatives have attended the schools in New Middletown. My father taught and coached at New Middletown schools for approximately 40 years.

Since the new school was built, I had been in the lobby, the gym (named for my dad) and the cafeteria, but I had never seen or been in any of the classrooms.

When open house was held this week, I decided to go as my great-niece will be moving to this area in the future and will have a daughter starting kindergarten in the fall next year.

The open house was scheduled from 5 to 7 on Monday evening. I arrived at around 5:15 and assumed I would be one of the first to arrive. I was so wrong.

The parking lot was almost full. I and everyone else who attended were met at the door and welcomed by the principal, Mr. Robert Briscoe. This is his first year at New Middletown, and it was evident that he wished to welcome everyone to the school and to let us know how he was looking forward to the school year.

I was told that refreshments were being served in the cafeteria and to please help myself. We were then free to visit all the classrooms.

I met each of the classroom teachers who were all very “put together.” It was evident that they had spent much time and effort in “outfitting” their rooms for the arrival of students and the new school year. Each room was a joy to visit.

The students and teachers all showed enthusiasm and anticipation at getting back to learning together.

The library was outstanding with many books and materials available for the students. There was a media room and an arts and music room.

Of course, I am proud of the gym, trophy cases and other earlier school memorabilia displayed, which highlight achievements of those numerous relatives and friends.

It almost makes me want to go back to school, but I think I’ll just volunteer to help get the word out so others will know what a fantastic school we have.

Let’s go and grow, New Middletown Elementary School Rangers.

Sharon Wolfe Chumley, Daughter of Dumont (Bus) and Florence Wolfe