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Deaths believed to be murder-suicide

Deaths believed to be murder-suicide Deaths believed to be murder-suicide

The deaths of a man and woman Sunday in Corydon are reported as a murder and suicide.

Harrison County 911 received a domestic violence call located within an apartment along Wilson Street on Sunday afternoon, according to the press release from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. issued also on behalf of the Corydon Police Dept.

The caller reported hearing what sounded like fighting and possible gun shots coming from within the apartment.

Officers from both the Corydon and Harrison County law enforcement agencies responded. Upon their arrival and entry into the apartment, officers found two deceased adults, one female and the other a male, with visible gunshot wounds.

Police identified them as 46-year-old Jessica Jurine Meyer and 48-year-old Steven Ray Cissell.

Preliminary autopsy findings revealed that the female suffered a medium-range gunshot wound to the head, while the male had a self-inflicted contact gunshot wound to the head, according to the press release.

Police said the investigation remains active and all evidence is being thoroughly evaluated pending the final autopsy report.