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August 4, 2021

August 4, 2021 August 4, 2021

• I’m sitting at the stop sign right across the road from Trinity (Assembly of God) church, and you cannot see to the right because of the bushes growed up over the side of this guardrail. Either the state or the county needs to be out here cutting this stuff down before it causes a serious accident or someone gets killed, and then someone’s going to be sued.

• I was wondering if there is any way that you all could go back to putting the number of COVID viruses on the front page. That was so helpful to me. I have a sister that lives in Clark County and she was telling me how New Albany was a hot spot and everything, and I had to go up there to see a doctor. … And, I kind of used it as a guide on places that, if there are that many, we don’t need to go there. … And, I hope you can include a few more counties to it, right there on the front page. … You know, when I looked at the paper, and sometimes you just had time to grab your paper and you had to be on your way, but, “Oh, they don’t have that many up there today,” … and I thought maybe you’ll be able to do the regular and the Delta. I find that helpful, too, and I’m sure there’s other senior citizens that would also feel that way. Thank you all, and I really enjoy your newspaper.

• I was calling about the homeless article in The Courier-Journal. Why don’t they look for jobs? …

• We do not care about you, America and the Delta variant, because we keep letting in illegal aliens through the border and busing them around the southern states. They really don’t want us to be free; they want us to mask up. The next step is the mark of the beasts …

• All these birds are dying from a fungus or virus? All the fish are dying, too? What on earth is going on? What is causing this?

• I see that the Battle of Corydon Park is only open on weekends this summer. I’m sure a lot of tourists have been disappointed with that. It makes no sense. Please open the gates.

• Seen the saddest thing on “Inside Edition” tonight. A car going down a country road opened the door and dumped out a beautiful husky. It is the saddest thing. I don’t know how people can be so cruel to animals.

• If you get a call from someone wanting your Medicare number, do not give it out. It is a scam call.

• Yea, the Rice Island park entrance looks so much better with those dilapidated buildings around it being torn down.

• Yes, COVID-19 is real and, yes, the Delta variant is highly contagious though rarely fatal. The Biden White House is almost tyrannical in its insistence that you get vaccinated, you wear a mask and you socially separate. However, they have encouraged hundreds of thousands and close to a million undocumented aliens … who have not been vaccinated (against COVID-19) and they are busing and flying these people into cities on your dime. Ask your Congressman and senator why.

• Well, since Biden’s got in (office), the gas prices have (nearly) doubled in price. Yeah, that’s not all that I could mention that I’m not happy about, but time and space doesn’t provide enough space for me to mention all of them.

• I don’t understand what the (heck)  is wrong with people these days. If people in the ’50s and ’60s were as (hesitant) about getting vaccinated as they are now, we would (likely) still have polio and small pox and no telling what else. …

• So many of the comments in Live Wire are so negative. I just want to say there are good people in the world. I am a senior citizen. I was at Kroger in Brandenburg in line to check out with only a few groceries, and the young couple in front of me had a cart full and they insisted I go ahead of them to check out. Then I went to get gas. A young lady insisted she’d help. Too bad you don’t hear enough about the good people in the world. They are out there. God bless.