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Past reunion


The family of Samuel D.L. and Daisy Heishman Breeden had a reunion July 4 at the Leavenworth Inn, home of Doug Breeden. More than 80 people attended for a time of food and fellowship.

Those attending were Daisy Emma Coleman, Doug Breeden, Meili Ni, Randy, Kathy and Ellen Coleman, John, Karen Lynn, Dusty, Samantha, Waylon and Stetson Breeden, Chad and Kristi Schenck, Kaden, Rylan, Karsyn and Kellen Schenck, Dwight and Roberta Breeden, Bill and Cindy Breeden, Karen Ann Breeden, Denny Breeden, Terry and Sue Allgood, Clara Mae Breeden, Alvin and Carla Crecelius, Sam Mason, Mark and Susan Mason, Kevin and Debbie Mason, Kristen, James, Masie, Addie and Wynnie Johnston, Tim, Paisley and Levi Cummings, Laverne and Judy Allen, Chris, Margaret, Mason and Cici Allen, Tricia Allen and Justice Berry, Janet Mix, Todd Mix, Lance and Lisa Mix, John and Hannah Marshall, Draden, Maddon, Phoenix and Luna, Brittany and Garrett Hay, Colt and Granger, Joseph Oswait, Wanda Hughes, Bonnie and John Stutzman, John David Stutzman, Tyler Perry, Larry Jones, Alan Jones and Dawn Summers, Ashleigh Summers, Maxwell Jones, Hannah Jones, Gary Wuertz, Sandy Jones and Paul Zemba, Jennifer Roser, Scott and Donetta Miller and Scottie and Jessica Miller.

The next reunion will be the first Sunday of July at the Leavenworth Inn.