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Literary club topic ‘The Boy, Mole, Fox and Horse’

While not meeting in person due to COVID-19, members of the Women’s Literary Club of Corydon continue to share book reviews via email.

Denise Ellars chose to highlight “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” by Charlie Mackesy.

Born in England, Ellars said Mackesy lives on his own terms. He attempted attending college twice but left both times after a week, she said. He never attended art school but spent three months in America with a portrait painter learning about anatomy.

Mackesy began working as a cartoonist for The Spectator and as a book illustrator for Oxford University Press. Ellars said he has lived and painted in South Africa, southern Africa and North America. He co-runs Mama Bric, a honey social enterprise in Zambia, helping low-income families to become beekeepers.

According to Ellars, Mackesy produced “The Unity Series,” a collaborative set of lithographs, with Nelson Mandala in 2006.

“His journey with the boy, mole, fox and horse has consumed him,” Ellars said. “He lives in their world a lot of the time and has loved making the book. Their adventure will continue.”

Mackesy’s book is a series of black-and-white and color art, with the boy wandering through a countryside making friends with a mole, fox and horse.

“Each adds memorable quotes on friendship and life as they journey along,” Ellars said.

“The end,” words usually used to finish a book, are scratched out and replaced with “Look how far we’ve come.”

“Each time I pick up this book, opening it at random, I find comfort in the words of wisdom,” Ellars said.

One reviewer of the book wrote, “If there were classes on how to be a good person, this book would be the textbook.”

Ellars said she agrees, as it is one of her favorite books.