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July 28, 2021

July 28, 2021 July 28, 2021

• I read the (July 14) article about the animal (control facility) in Corydon, and I think it’s terrible that the county can’t come up with some type of funds or funding maybe even from the casino that would help these poor animals that have to live in these type conditions. I hope that they do something soon or else hire some more people to help out. It’s not fair to poor animals to have to live this way in these conditions.
Editor’s note: According to Harrison County Commissioner Jim Heitkemper, a compressor had gone out on an air conditioning unit. It was repaired by Monday, July 12, but no one spoke up at the Harrison County Council meeting that night to let Deborah Davenport know.

• I was disgusted about the gas line the guy in the county wants us taxpayers to put money up for, a million dollars. I don’t think we need to be doing that, putting tax money in a private venture. … So, let the business and the gas company split it up. …

• Some people are smart, and some people just think they’re smart. You take their smartphone away from them, where they get all their information, and they probably couldn’t even tell you what time of day it is. We need to get back to the basics and books.

• Why do we bother taking coupons to Walmart? They (seem to) always find an excuse to not use them. Anyway, I lost about $4 today because they wouldn’t accept the coupons and they would not take things out of the bag and look and see that I bought what I said I did. …

• Please ask people to stop mowing their grass into the street. No. 1, the street is not your personal property. It belongs to all of us. No. 2, it is extremely dangerous for motorcycles to be riding along, especially turning a curve and running into fresh-cut grass on the roads.

• I know there’s a law that says you cannot have signs so close to the road. You know, the big signs you can’t see around. But, there are still some out there and it is dangerous for us out there. And the bushes, tree limbs, trees, shrubbery, all this crap. It is so dangerous out there. I wish something could be done about all these bushes and signs and other stuff.

• Arm bands and masks on college campuses. Does that remind you of anything or bring back any memories for anyone, like World War II, Germany, that kind of thing? I believe they’re taking this COVID stuff a little too far …

• I have a complaint about the recent opinion of Mr. Todd Rokita that was published in our newspaper. I’m a second-generation retired Indiana public school teacher. My sister, my aunt, my cousin and many members of my family have been teachers, and he can rest assured none of us have been “prioritizing political agendas over academic achievement.” Also, my children and grandchildren have been taught here in Harrison County public schools and have not been taught with the intent of a “political agenda.” Since (it seems) he has not educated himself on critical race theory, as a former educator I will try. CRT was discussed in law schools in the ’70s when it was found that civil rights legislation did not level the economic playing field for people of color. A theory discussed in law school has certainly not been taught in Indiana public schools. When would teachers have the time anyway? The emphasis in public schools is and always has been the teaching of reading and math skills. History of the United States is taught as it is, history with no known agenda. That history instruction has been “deeply flawed and factually deficient instruction and racial division in the classroom” is insulting to history teachers in Indiana. Indiana teachers are already insulted enough with low pay and lack of respect without the Indiana attorney general insulting them further.

• When are they going to make us stop paying a toll every time we cross that Lincoln bridge from Indiana to Louisville? When will they make us quit paying a toll? I figure it should be already be paid for by now and drop the toll price. Drop it completely. We’ve done paid for it. Just think about how many cars go over that every day and they pay and pay and pay. I would like to know if it’s already paid for.

• I was reading the Live Wire about what Jim Hays had put in there about a brick at the harness racing Hall of Fame and he said that Juanita Hurst would qualify for her record-holding status. I wonder also if Alvin Walther would qualify as well because he’s had a great contribution to the harness-racing industry over the years as well. I’d also like to inquire as well is there an Indiana harness racing hall of fame? It would seem like it might be easier to get somebody into a state level hall of fame before the national hall of fame. I think that Mrs. Hurst and Alvin Walther would be excellent additions to the state hall of fame and, hopefully, the national hall of fame, including getting one of the bricks put in there. It would be good too — Mrs. Hurst has just passed away ­— that given Alvin Walther is in his 80s now might be able to get a brick himself and be able to see it.

• Could we see more public art in downtown Corydon?

• Just watch around us and everybody that’s mistreating their little animals, leaving them out in this hot weather without any water or shelter or food. Let’s make it a point to have them arrested. Let’s call the cops and have them arrested because that’s exactly what they deserve.

• I love to feed the squirrels and the little birds and have always put out food for them, but I need to know more about this virus that’s killing the birds. Could you please shed some more light on that and how does it affect them and what is causing it and has it been cleared up yet? Is it safe to feed them now or should I hold off a while?
Editor’s note: The Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources has not released information saying the death of songbirds has been solved or that it’s safe to feed the birds yet. For updates, go to

• I’ve been waiting over three months to get my tax refund, but, if you don’t pay (on time), your refund owed you gets a penalty. They ought to give people a bonus that waits three months or longer to get their refund.

• I urge everyone to get vaccinated now. Do it for your grandchildren. Do it for your grandparents. Do it for yourself. It’s safe, and it’s effective.

• People, get a life. Mind your own business. Find a way to be happy without interfering in the lives of other people and trying to bring them down.

• I’m sitting at the stop sign right across the road from Trinity (Assembly of God) church, and you cannot see to the right because of the bushes growed up over the side of this guardrail. Either the state or the county needs to be out here cutting this stuff down before it causes a serious accident or someone gets killed. and then someone’s going to be sued.

• I was wondering if there is any way that you all could go back to putting the number of COVID viruses on the front page. That was so helpful to me. I have a sister that lives in Clark County and she was telling me how New Albany was a hot spot and everything, and I had to go up there to see a doctor. … And, I kind of used it as a guide on places that, if there are that many, we don’t need to go there. … And, I hope you can include a few more counties to it, right there on the front page. … You know, when I looked at the paper, and sometimes you just had time to grab your paper and you had to be on your way, but, “Oh, they don’t have that many up there today,” … and I thought maybe you’ll be able to do the regular and the Delta. I find that helpful, too, and I’m sure there’s other senior citizens that would also feel that way. Thank you all, and I really enjoy your newspaper.