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Be willing to improvise

On our annual summer vacation at the beach, this addicted amateur photographer rises before dawn, hoping to greet an exquisite sunrise.

This past week, my hopes were thwarted on morning one. At what should have been the crack of dawn, a bank of grey clouds rolled in and spoiled my party. Not one skinny ribbon of orange or pink or gold appeared.

After throwing a little pity-party for myself, regretting the sleeping-in I could have had, I said to myself, “Poor baby, how pitiful you are. Pull on your big boy boots. Look around and see if you can make something happen.”

Denied the heavenly splendors, I began to explore the beach.

I came upon a fisherman reeling in something heavy that turned out to be a stingray larger than a big dinner plate. Three men struggled to control the monster as it flopped on the sand. One finally placed an ice chest on its stinger and stood on the chest while another man removed the hook with pliers and released the creature to the sea.

Next I discovered markings in the sand resembling tractor tire tracks that a huge loggerhead turtle had left overnight after she buried 200 eggs in the loose sand 20 feet above high tide and re-entered the sea.

Then I examined a beached horseshoe crab with its intimidating body armor, long tail and move-able spines that look like fangs, one of Mother Nature’s oldest creations.

Last I photographed a fisherman landing a silvery 20-inch-long shark. He cautiously removed the hook, threw the shark back in and went home, happy with a picture I made with his phone camera of him proudly displaying his catch of the day.

Don’t get your heart’s desire some days? Get over it quickly by improvising a new plan.