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Banking-industry leader Timberlake dies

Banking-industry leader Timberlake dies Banking-industry leader Timberlake dies

A leader in the banking industry, Vaughn K. Timberlake, died Friday, July 23, 2021, at his Corydon home. He was 79.

Timberlake, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who was a scout and recon helicopter pilot, had a long career in the banking world, which included senior vice president and group manager of human resources for First National Bank of Louisville, financial adviser and former executive vice president with First Savings Bank Inc. and chairman of Community First Bank. He helped found Peoples Trust Bank Co. in Corydon, where he was president and CEO and later chairman of the board.

That financial knowledge made him an asset for the many boards he served on, including Harrison County Hospital.

“After nearly 40 years in hospital administration, my observation is that hospital governance is very complex,” said Steve Taylor, executive director of HCH. “And, it can take several years of trustee experience to fully get up to speed. With Vaughn’s vast background in management, finance, banking, investments, community relations and human resources, plus his keen leadership experience and skills, Vaughn was highly productive as an HCH trustee from the start.”

Timberlake, a Mauckport native who was in his fourth year on the board, was appointed a HCH board trustee in early 2018. He served as board secretary.

“He also served on our administrative finance committee, where he provided a high level of expertise with various projects, including our investments, cash and debt management, income statement and balance sheet consultation and the ongoing review of the hospital benefits and retirement funds,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he had known Timberlake for most of the 33 years Taylor has lived here, mainly through community events and projects, including the Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County and economic development efforts.

“I’ve always found Vaughn to be very community minded,” he said. “He was an excellent steward of resources and provided ongoing leadership for our community’s benefit.

“Vaughn had many strong attributes, including his diverse knowledge base and understanding of complex matters, his ongoing commitment to the betterment of the hospital and this community, his impeccable integrity and his leadership skills,” Taylor continued. “And, most notably, Vaughn was such a good friend to many, offering insightful counsel on diverse matters and was always there when he was needed. He will be greatly missed as an HCH trustee.”

In addition to serving on the HCH board and as a former director and past president of the Chamber, Timberlake was a former campaign chair and advisory board member for Metro United Way.

“I believe that my first personal interaction with Vaughn was through our mutual involvement with Harrison County United Way,” said Daniel J. Lowe, president/CEO of Blue River Services Inc. “Though I already knew of his community leadership and his impressive business and military background, I was immediately struck by his philanthropic commitment and dedication to serving others. It was immediately obvious that Vaughn was the type of person that could help lead Blue River Services into the future with a firm commitment to serving the community and its citizens.

“Of course, his background leant itself well to the development of the organization and its growth,” he added.

Timberlake served on the board of Blue River Services for more than 15 years. He also served as a member of the executive committee on several occasions and was chairman of the board for two terms.

“Vaughn was a dedicated board member that could be relied upon to give his time and energy to the mission,” Lowe said. “He brought valuable insight into the development of the organization during a time of growth in the services provided and the numbers of people served.

“Knowing Vaughn was a privilege,” he said. “He was uplifting and positive. He was always available to provide valuable counsel, and he could always be depended on when needed. He had a huge impact on this community, and his legacy will live on through organizations like Blue River Services.”

Timberlake’s funeral will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 11 a.m. at Beanblossom-Cesar Funeral Home in Corydon.