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Sewer board awaits SRF decision

Sewer board awaits SRF decision Sewer board awaits SRF decision
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Harrison County regional sewer district is in a holding period currently as it determines the best strategy for moving forward with the expansion and upgrade plans for the Berkshire wastewater treatment plant east of New Salisbury.

Bob Woosley of Heritage Engineering told the sewer board at its meeting Friday morning that he expects to hear before the board’s next meeting about the status of their application for the state revolving funds loan program. He said he anticipates they will then have a number from the state on how much money to expect, if any, that they will be able to put toward the project.

Until the board hears back from the SRF application status, they are not making any decisions regarding how to fund the treatment plant program. However, board president Tom Tucker noted there are various avenues it could take to find dollars, such as the SRF, State Water Infrastructure Fund, Harrison County government funding or partnering with the Regional Development Authority to apply for the READI grant.

The board also noted its intention of collecting money from Flagship Communities — formerly SSK — to help fund the project. Flagship Communities currently is the owner of the Berkshire Mobile Home Park, which is a part of the wastewater treatment plant, and an area of the piping system that causes a majority of the problems for the sewer district in that area.

Because the sewer district recently installed a new effluent pump in the current treatment plant, it is now able to get accurate reading on the flow, according to Steve Tolliver, the system operator with Aqua Utility Services. He said it is encouraging news that the plant is now performing accurately.

The district discussed the possibility of billing Flagship Communities for its usage of the system but ultimately agreed to table the issue until the next meeting once the board has a couple months of data to show Flagship regarding its flow usage numbers.

In other business, Woosley updated the board about the ongoing private developments that will generate new customers for the sewer district.

He said that Kepley Fields, being constructed on the northeast corner of state roads 135 and 64 at New Salisbury, currently has 10 parcels with taps paid for, with the first customer already moved into their home.

The fence was recently installed at the Poplar Trace lift station (located west of Corydon) and Woosley’s team is working with the developer to transfer service to private property owners soon.

The connection to the sewer was planned for last week for the Pineview Group Home in New Salisbury.

Woosley also said he is working with county officials to provide information for possible developments at the northwest corner of the Lanesville Interchange.

The sewer district board also took time at the meeting to welcome new member Terry Schmelz, who succeeds Matt Beckman as the Town of Lanesville representative.

The next regional sewer district board meeting is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 20, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon.