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Northeast Posey

Northeast Posey Northeast Posey
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I Thessalonians 5:17: “Pray without ceasing.” Prayer can move mountains. It can go far and wide in split seconds. It reaches the heart of God. This scripture is such a blessing to me. It’s as if I wear it around my neck; wherever I go he is with me. We can pray anywhere at anytime, day or night. It is such comfort and peace. Prayer is communion with God. It’s like a privilege sitting in the Holy Presence of the King’s banquet table. It is a connection to God’s soul and spirit always.

I look for normalcy in this year and the past year. I’ve seen fireflies, or lightning bugs, out at night. I’ve watched bare trees bud and leaf out. I’ve watched the dogwood trees bring forth their glorious white blossoms. I am reminded once again of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross of calvary. His glory shines even brighter in the dark, chaotic world. He is coming soon. Be ready!

My lily bed is blooming prolifically. This has been a good year. And, the weeds continue to give us an abundance of grief.

Raising a garden, like any other year, is always a challenge with the weather.

God blesses the seeds and gives us fresh vegetables to eat and share.

I love the fragrance of newly-mown hay on the homestead farm and the corn silking and the vines of tomatoes and green beans. It’s how I was raised. We plan on harvesting and canning again this year. It makes us spoiled and picky.

Gardening is lots of work, just ask my hubby, George. I am so thankful for him and God for blessing the seeds.

How can I forget our beloved homestead and our farm and the hard work by Mother and Daddy and the legacy they sacrificed for us to build on. I realize more and more as I grow older the things they left for us. I also realize as I go through life I can identify with all the aches and pains I know they had, yet they forged through the years. A blessed example. Someday I’d like to share as we sit together somewhere in that sweet by and by in that forever land. God bless mother and daddy and relatives with them and those before them for the legacy of the Blackman homestead.