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July 21, 2021

15 years ago

July 19, 2006

Harrison County may soon have equipment in place to begin producing a fuel alternative, according to a small group of businessmen. The ethanol “still,” when it arrives, will be assembled at The Fun Farm, which is located off Breckenridge Road between Lanesville and Corydon. Members of the Harrison County Independent Business Alliance Inc. decided on the location so the operation could be more easily viewed by the public than if it was on a private farm. “That way you don’t have to pull a farmer off the field to show the facility,” said Steve Boehman, owner of The Fun Farm. The Fun Farm, home to Paintball Fun and other amusements, is staffed Wednesday through Sunday.

Plans are proceeding to remodel North Harrison Elementary School. And with the 30-day period expiring without anyone filing a remonstrance, the North Harrison Community School Corp. should be on track to have the renovated building ready for the 2008-09 school year. The community got its first look at an artist rendering of what the completed school facility, projected to cost $12 million, could look like. Jerry Firestone, director of educational planning for RQAW Consulting Engineers and Architects, was at Thursday night’s board meeting for the school corporation to give an update about the project.

The South Harrison Community School Corp. did something Thursday night that few other school boards in the state have had to do this summer, which was fill two of its top coaching positions. New boys’ varsity head coaches were announced at Corydon Central and South Central, with both hires ending weeks of speculation and name-tossing. At South Central, Robert Murawski Jr., who formally guided the Blackhawks of Spring Valley a couple of seasons ago, takes over for Greg Robinson, who coached the Rebels for 10 years. Corydon Central’s new skipper is Jamie Kolkmeier, a 1996 graduate of Franklin College and 1992 alum of Waldron High School. He steps in for Randy Gianfagna.

Deaths: Vincent A. Ott, 87; Naomi R. Lori, 62; Ralph L. Williams, 74; Thomas Summers, 91; Eliza D. Napier, 95; Donna J. Tuchscherer, 74; Naomi R. Kingsley, 66; Richard Cox Jr., 49; Joseph B. Dailey, 47.

25 years ago

July 24, 1996

The new principal at Corydon Central High School finds himself “Back home again in Indiana.” Dr. John Reed, who grew up in the Indianapolis area, was unanimously hired Monday night during a special meeting of the South Harrison Community School Corp. school board and given a $64,000 contract. Reed succeeds Tom Book, who recently transferred to the central office to replace Donald Dones, who retired at the end of the 1995-96 school year as administrative assistant.

Sunday afternoon, about 4 o’clock, Lee Wenning’s aunt, Betty Wenning, on a visit here from Louisiana, said she thought she heard a train. That was odd because the Wennings live about 10 miles south of the nearest railroad in Corydon. They actually heard and saw a tornado 200 yards away. By the movie “Twister” standards, the funnel cloud they saw was not a Level 5. “It was pretty small, but it was still scary,” Lee said. The tornado headed for some woods on the other side of their road. Lee said the tornado sucked branches straight up into the air and then scattered them on their neighbor’s lawn.

Even with a wet beginning and end, fair board members consider the 137th annual Harrison County Fair to be a success. The first official day of the fair, Sunday, July 14, was a wash-out with a heavy, steady rain most of the afternoon and evening. The parade took place as planned, but the queen contest, normally held at the grandstand, was moved to the Merchants’ Building. “It’s a shame it rained on the parade,” said fair board president Steve Haggard. “But we can’t do anything about the elements.” Weather was good the rest of the week — until Friday — when a heavy downpour and blowing winds hit Corydon.

When Dan O’Brien takes center stage next week in the decathlon competition at the Olympic games in Atlanta, Ga., Brian Bowman figures to be one very interested viewer. The 19-year-old is back in Corydon after competing earlier this month in the Dan O’Brien High School Decathlon Championship in Spokane, Wash. Bowman, who graduated from Corydon Central High School in June, scored 5,930 points to finish fifth in a field of 10 of the nation’s top high school decathletes. The four athletes who finished ahead of Bowman come from states that sanction the decathlon as a high school event. Indiana does not.

Deaths: Lloyd Anderson, 68; Lillian E. Wolfe, 89; Norma J. Wathen, 61; Howard D. Sudduth Sr., 61; Georgia E. Wimp, 86; Benjamin Amy, 84; Willie M. Johnson, 95; George Loweth, 76; Howard Eastridge, 76.

50 years ago

July 21, 1971

Elizabeth S. Ward of Corydon is now associated with the Whitis and Burgher law firm in Corydon. Ward is deputy prosecuting attorney with her principle assignment in Crawford County Court.

A cornerstone was laid Friday in The Corydon State Bank’s $1.2 million office building addition. Inside the steel box is a recent copy of The Corydon Democrat and The Wall Street Journal, history of the bank, the bank’s note forms, stationary and other small items.

Births: Boys — Roxanna Geary, Norma Harbeson, Susan Babcock; girls — Elizabeth Smitley, Estella Saltsgaver, Terri Haas.

Deaths: Frank C. Alberding, 56; Wilson Adamson, 69; Kathleen Ritter, 82; Stanley R. Pittman, 30; Bessie Senninger, 83; Aaron Coleman, 59; Charles Austin Scott, 64; Larry Stephenson, 51; Benny A. Roberts, 49; Chester Liptrap, 78; Billy C. Crayden, 47; Mrs. Earl B. Thomas, 64; Virgie A. Draper, 72; Ronald Brewer, 78.

65 years ago

July 18, 1956

Harvey Bastin Jr. of Paragon, Ind., has accepted the position as principal of the North Central School Corp., caused by the resignation of Paul Taylor, who has gone to Columbus where he accepted a similar position.

Mrs. Emery Bruner has resigned her position as English and psychology teacher at the Silver Creek High School at Sellersburg. She will now be elementary principal of the North Central School Corp.

There will be an old-fashioned barn raising and basket dinner July 21 for James Huff of New Salisbury whose barn burned in February.

Jimmy and Jerry Corbett, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Corbett, have enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and will leave Monday for San Antonio, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Corbett, who formerly operated the Twin J. Motel, are moving to Clearwater, Fla., to operate a motel there.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lopp, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. August Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Marking, Mr. and Mrs. Gervis R. Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bottles; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Franks, Mr. and Mrs. James T. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cromwell, Mr. and Mrs. Ranza Ruberts.

Deaths: William O. Enlow, 66; Bert Mallott, 43; Dale Allen Kitterman, 12; Earl Ray Curts, 5 weeks; Margaret Balthis, 87; Alice Schwartz, 58; Elsie Fravel; Sarah Jennings, 87; Nellie Conner; Landis Richardson, 57; Peter Hoffman, 85; George Schuman, 86.

75 years ago

July 24, 1946

Clarence Higginbotham of Denver, Colo., is visiting John Higginbotham and other relatives in and near Corydon.

Mrs. Harry C. Fleshman and son, Roger Lee, will arrive Saturday to spend time with Mr. and Mrs. Morris Fleshman.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wheat, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mosier, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Collins; girls — Mr. and Mrs. James Trobaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Martin.

Deaths: Nellie Mae Baker, 27; Charles W. Smith, 86; John L. Stoker, 63; Lewis Ray Windell, 30.

100 years ago

July 27, 1921

Mrs. Isaac E. Orwick returned home last Friday from Bloomington, Ill., where she spent two weeks with her brother, Elmer Davis, and family.

Harry Kepner has raised his residence on East Chestnut Street five concrete blocks, and the workmen are now engaged in constructing a concrete porch around the front of the dwelling.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bulleit, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Foreman; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Chester Emily.

Deaths: Wayne Cole, 57; Mrs. Elizabeth Slaymaker Smith; John William Kirkham, 5; Mrs. Margaret Funkhouser Winders, 94; Clarence Heintz; Mrs. Mary Jane Boston, 94; Mrs. Rebecca Byrne LaHue, 77; Edgar C. Tuell, 60; Miss Charity Dye.