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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Alberto Mayberry, 33, Corydon, son of Terry Mayberry, deceased, and Flora Mayberry, no address given; Tia Marie Humphries, 25, Corydon, daughter of Jerry Sanders, Shoals, and Linda Sanders, no address given.

Ted Christopher Schmelz, 43, Depauw, son of Leonard C. Schmelz, deceased, and Martha L. Heinze Schmelz, Lanesville; Jennifer Rae Luckett, 48, Depauw, daughter of Alton R. Hunt, deceased, and Wilma L. Mueller Hunt Perkins, Morning View, Ky.

Derek Gross, 37, Ramsey, son of Kurt Gross, no address given, and Tammy Whisman, Charlestown; Angel Robison, 33, Ramsey, daughter of Tim Robison, no address given, and Priscilla Roll, Charlestown.

Richard Jenks, 49, Palmyra, son of Bill and Wanda Jenks, Palmyra; Jenny Rebecca Spalding, 49, Palmyra, daughter of Leo Lori, Clarksville, and Stella Engleman McCauley, Palmyra.

James Larry Pollock, 65, Corydon, son of Arzo Pollock and Virginia D. Butler Pollock, both deceased; Casandra Lynn Smith, 61, Corydon, daughter of Frances J. Ellenbrand and Mae M. Wenzler Ellenbrand, both deceased.

Aiden Joseph Working, 34, New Salisbury, son of Carl and Terry Turek Working, Owensboro, Ky.; Hannah Coreen Beaver, 35, New Salisbury, daughter of Bruce and Angela Hartley Beaver, New Salisbury.

Nathaniel William Newton, 28, Ramsey, son of James G. Newton, Mauckport, and Cheryl L. Newton, deceased; Gianna Elysse Leupp, 28, Ramsey, daughter of Franklin D. Jr. and Glenna J. Bender Leupp, Corydon.

James Edgar Chism, 31, Palmyra, son of Kelly P. and Melinda A. Taylor Chism, Floyds Knobs; Brittany Kay Rickert, 29, Palmyra, daughter of Edward J. Rickert, Birdseye, and Sondra K. White Wilson, Fairdale, Ky.

Miranda Haub, 34, Greenville, daughter of James S. and Lisa E. Denney Haub, Palmyra; Chelsea Dionne Allen, 30, Greenville, daughter of Troy D. Allen, Louisville, and Lisa J. Beetem Connolly, no address given.

Christopher Alan Wright, 46, Corydon, son of Lester E. Wright, deceased, and Chloe E. Laswell Wright, English; Lindsey Lee Ledford, 40, Corydon, daughter of Reid E. Ledford and Rita F. Thieneman Keeling, both of Corydon.

David Lee Thompson, 41, Palmyra, Allen H. and Patti J. Thompson, both of Sellersburg; Jasmita Ranchod, 38, Palmyra, daughter of Barlvantlal and Saraswati Ranchod, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Dennis Wayne Yeats, 27, Ramsey, son of Christopher R. Yeats, no address given, and Michelle M. Baylor Davis, Ramsey; Jansen Nicole Allee, 25, Ramsey, daughter of Larry Allee, no address given, and Tracy L. Peek Brumfield, Summerville, S.C.

Brandon Clark Jones, 41, Lanesville, son of Bruce W. Jones, Bedford, and Kathy L. Carver Jones Backherms, Corydon; Elizabeth D. Rector, 41, Sellersburg, Terry L. and Kathy D. Biel Northern, Sellersburg.

Gregory Belcher, 44, Corydon, son of Gary R. Belcher and Mable Fairchild, no addresses given; Laura L. Lynch, 44, Corydon, daughter of Michael E. Lynch, Ramsey, and Linda A. Bell, English.

Roger Lee Propes Jr., 24, Frankfort, Ky., son of Roger L. Sr. and Cynthia F. Fordham Propes, Harrodsburg, Ky.; Ashley Nicole Devary, 18, Palmyra, daughter of Raymond L. Devary Charlestown, and Amanda R. Blair Hamby, Palmyra.

Lucas Anthony Veith, 22, Elizabeth, son of Matthew W. Sr. and Elizabeth A. Milliner Veith, Elizabeth; Haley Michele Kaiser, 20, Elizabeth, daughter of Douglas S. Kaiser, no address given, and Tina M. Knear Kaiser, Elizabeth.

Jacob Leroy Phillips, 24, Corydon, son of Steven L. and Anna R. Phillips, Radcliff, Ky.; Mary Frances Wiegand, 25, Corydon, daughter of Terry M. and Michelle R. Wiegand, Plainfield.