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Granny’s Candles ‘bottles nostalgia feeling’

Granny’s Candles ‘bottles nostalgia feeling’
Granny’s Candles ‘bottles nostalgia feeling’
A photo of Tyler Best’s grandmother, Jane Woertz of Elizabeth, hangs in the center of Granny’s Candles located in downtown Corydon.

Most everyone has a sense of nostalgia from childhood. Certain smells, sounds or tastes can instantly transport one to a different time. And for Tyler Best, his fondest memories and favorite form of nostalgia stem from his time spent at his granny’s house while growing up.

He and his wife, Callie, have found a way to bottle up that nostalgia and have opened a business selling it to the community. Granny’s Candles sells everything from candles and wax melts to personalized gifts and jewelry.

The idea for the candle company, where everything is handmade by Callie, was born in the midst of the pandemic as the pair found themselves at home for a lot longer than they were normally used to. Tyler, co-founder of Digital Now IT and On Belay, and Callie, the director of operations at the Boys & Girls Club of Harrison-Crawford Counties, began to make the candles in their newfound spare time.

Tyler is allergic to wax candles, so the duo learned to create and pour soy candles that they could burn at home. After explaining to friends and family that they were breathing a byproduct of gasoline when they burned wax candles, many asked to purchase from the pair’s new hobby.

“Christmas came around, and we completely exploded in terms of friends and family wanting to buy candles from us for gifts,” Tyler said. “We were only selling online, but it had totally overtaken our kitchen.”

After more time of operating out of their Corydon kitchen and selling online, the couple realized it was finally time to move the candle-making out of their house and into a storefront, which opened June 17 at 405 N. Capitol Ave., suite 102, in downtown Corydon.

The company name was an easy choice, said Tyler, as he hoped to honor his grandmother, 97-year-old Jane Woertz.

“She is truly one of my favorite humans on this planet,” said Tyler. “I used to love going to her home in Elizabeth and spent probably 50% of my childhood in that house. She has been such an inspiration in all our lives, and we have truly bottled that nostalgia feeling that transports me to her house.”

Tyler also said that Granny’s Candles hopes to continue to give back to the community through its Shine A Light Together initiative. Through this endeavor, a portion of profits will be given back to organizations and projects that “shine light into a dark world that needs it,” according to Tyler.

The store is open Thursdays from noon to 5 p.m., Fridays from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Orders can also be made online at