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Women’s Literary Club discusses books by email

Due to COVID-19, the Women’s Literary Club of Corydon disbanded meetings until further notice. However, in January, club members decided to discuss their favorite books they have been reading via email.

Marian Allen first met Marta Pelrine-Bacon through the Story-A-Day May writing challenge. Pelrine-Bacon was born and raised at the center of the sunshine state. She earned her B.A. and M.A. and joined the Peace Corps.

According to Pelrine-Bacon’s biography, she married, had a child and adopted too many dogs (although she said there is no such thing as too many dogs). A few years ago, she learned she had cancer, “but for the moment I am NED (no evidence of disease),” she said.

Allen recently read Pelrine-Bacon’s “A Brief History of Boyfriends,” a collection of short stories about male-female relationships. Allen said the stories are both imaginative and reality-based, “so that anything ‘ooey’ that happens feels believable and inevitable, given the circumstances and characters she sets up.”

“Stories about women and girls, impossibilities and magic, friendship and strength interest me most,” Allen said, who is mentioned as one of Pelrine-Bacon’s “cheerleaders” in the book’s acknowledgment.

One of the stories in the book, “Love Is a Red Suitcase,” is nothing but dialog. It is probably Allen’s “favorite story ever by anybody,” she said. “It makes me cry.”