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Past reunions


The Faith-Neafus family reunion was June 13 at the Union Chapel Ladies Aide Hall near Laconia. Those attending were Shirley Faith, Gerald W. Faith, Troy Edwards, Nick and Pam Edwards, Richard and Suzanne Mauck, Kyle and Heather Bailey and sons, David and Kathy Williams, Wayne and Brenda Sampson, Scott and Vicky Bartley, Roger and Pam Faith, Phyllis Faith, Norman and Mary Timberlake, Barry and Angie Troutman, Daniel, Brenda and Alora Dunaway, Layla Gray, Dakota, Tara, Billy, Scarlett and Joslynn Puckett, Marilyn Troutman, Debbie Young, Cheryl Mitchell, Cory Troutman, Taylor Phelphs, Michelle Troutman, Eddie and Linda Matthews, David Matthews, Denise Lamb, Gloria Farnsley, Kevin Faith, Sunny Stevens, Emari Faith, Mark Faith, Debbie Faith, Drew Faith, Jenny Faith, Esm’e Faith, Mike and Cindy Pate, Myla Pate, Diane McCallister, Patricia Thompson, Masson Racicot, Shelby Jessee and Jennifer Zwahien.


The Martin and Mollie Baelz Engleman reunion was June 6 at the Mauckport shelter house. Those in attendance were Nyla Engleman Smith, Sean Engleman, Louise Flock, Belinda Flock, Doug and Nancy Engleman, Regina Luallen, Mike Mead, Marla Mead, Lindsey Beaven, Cory Mitchell and children, Dick Engleman, Keith Pinaire, Owen and Peggy Bussabarger, Melissa Bussabarger, Alma and Danny Williams, Maria Bussabarger with Jacob, Joseph, John and James, Leah Gutknecht and Carter, Terry and Mary Gutknecht, Rhonda and Shaun Bates, Sherry Witten and Brian and Kellie Rhodes.

Next year’s reunion is scheduled for the first Sunday in June at the same location.