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June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021 June 30, 2021

• I was really shocked that this man was using sled dogs to race and run in the summer in the heat, those types of dogs are only really used to running in cold weather, and I think this was very cruel.

Editor’s note: The man with the dog sled was showing off his team, not racing it.

• I guess when you get back-to-back drunk driving charges in 1997, you can’t afford insurance any more so the solution is to bum everybody else’s vehicle … to do your running …

• This is in response to the person that said something about their license plate tags went up. I had three vehicles that used to cost me $130 to tag them. Now, last year it cost me $450 to tag the same vehicles. … That’s a pretty big jump.

• A few months ago it was reported that the Town of Elizabeth had paid off all debts at the water company. That’s wonderful. So how about adding pumps to this system so people on north Highway 11 can shower and flush the commode at the same time?

• I have stopped watching YouTube and now watch FoxNews for laughs. …

• I’m calling about the article I just read on the front page of The (Corydon Democrat) paper. Where is the justice? A man … backs over a woman and kills her and drives off and they give him a suspended sentence? He might as well have taken a gun and just unloaded it on her. Where’s justice at in this system?

• Harrison Family Medicine has the nicest girl working in there. Her name is Rhea. She is the most sweetest thing ever. They ought to be really, really proud that they’ve got her working in there. She is the sweetest, most nicest person and very, very helpful.

• I hope everyone that owns a gun got to hear Biden’s plan for fighting gun violence in this country. He made it very plain that he will not be happy until he has totally disarmed all Americans.

• I hear where college athletes (are) wanting to get paid for their abilities. I thought they was already getting paid for education and free tuition. I mean, what more do these people want? … Where does it end?