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Man’s charges include attempted murder, arson

Man’s charges include attempted murder, arson Man’s charges include attempted murder, arson

A 32-year-old Corydon man was charged with two counts of attempted murder, arson and intimidation after allegedly setting fire to a house along Shiloh Road south of Corydon.

According to an affidavit for probable cause, Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Banet was dispatched to the house on May 15 after the mother of Eric W. Bandy called 911 to notify police that her son had set her living room on fire with alleged intentions of killing her and her husband.

After arriving at the house, Banet and another officer detained Bandy in one of the officer’s cars.

As Banet went inside the home to make sure everyone was out and accounted for, he noticed a small fire in the front yard, melted LED lights wrapped around the porch railing and a large black burn spot on the carpet inside the home, according to the affidavit.

Bandy’s mother and stepfather, both who were in the home during the incident, related to Banet that Bandy had told them for years he intended to kill them both while they were sleeping by setting the house on fire. More specifically, Bandy’s mother said her son had told her that just the day prior to the fire.

Bandy’s mother told Banet she was awakened by smoke detectors going off in the night and ran to extinguish the flames before they grew too large.

Banet noted in the affidavit he found a smoke detector on the ground that Bandy allegedly removed from the wall that night. The man’s mother told Banet she had purchased extra detectors and had them installed without Bandy knowing as she was afraid he would follow through with his intent to burn down the house.

A jury trial for Bandy is set to take place Nov. 16 in Harrison Superior Court.